52101 Class Ability Feedback

  • Alchemancer



    I recall so many times in CMW people complaining about being able to stop a maul with a dagger. Right now the Alchemancer can parry the Taurants mace with his arms. I think this would be fine if you added a spell effect to show that he is really casting a spell to “do that”. Since the current sound is like a clunk perhaps the parry turns his arms to metal or stone during that parry.

    Hopefully the parry drain will be a lot more in the future though (only for alchemancer), he can block a lot of taurant blows and if he had teleport only really needs to do 1 or 2 before positioning to get away.


    I think this is very comparable to teleport, so a useful skill. You can use it horizontally, I expect it would be nice to be able to control it vertically too.


    While levitating I was thinking it would be nice to levitate others. Of course that is the telekinesis skill, perhaps that would be a useful 3rd tier (to go with teleport/levitate) where you can launch objects (tinkers mine?) or people (throw your Taurant up to a higher position to squish an alchemancer).


    Not sure why this moves so slowly, but the speed looks quite off when it goes further than a short distance. Perhaps if it accelerates it would work better if it is not going to be draggable. I dont understand how to do the patch notes “upon getting hit by the main projectile attaches to it allowing you to create a much more powerful projectile while requiring an obvious and longer setup time”.

    I think enemies should be able to destroy it, cant seem to hit it as a taurant with a weapon or skill. The main attack is still too fast, and you can spam those behind this projectile.


    In general I like it but seems extremely fast, too fast to read the animation and parry.


    I am fine with the alchemancer having this spell, it is quite comparable to chaos orb.




    Very fast so hard to read and parry, and with a such a small cool down I would think you could spam those to kill someone but havent had a chance to try yet. I think it would be better if slightly slower and pushed your opponent further away. Once you can shove some one a bigger distance, at least as far as explosive stab, it becomes more tactical. Of course increase the cooldown if you do that.

    Explosive Stab
    Ton of damage (39) but very short range and you can read the animation so seems fine. The pushback is great. It says it works on multiple opponents but not sure how that could be with such a short range.

    Self Heal
    Great skill, probably the most useful in the vertical tier given explosive stab short range and shove not being that far.


    Great skill I like it. It has more damage than leapslam but I don’t think it outshines it. Dragging your opponent off the cliff has to be priceless.

    Keeping the taurant away from ranged skills seems important and more “in character” to have physical abilities.




    Amazing distance, really like it. Regarding the animation, I do feel like I’m floating a bit so perhaps it needs to be fast at first then decelerate up to the kick.

    Blade whip

    Overhead 50 damage wow… So I think that this needs to expire after say 5 seconds if you dont use it. Otherwise you can just charge it up while running into battle and fire off two of those for instant kills… which completely outclasses the shuriken. Perhaps given the power, the range should be much shorter.


    Much more distance than phase, so seems comparable between the two. Handy for sure.


    A little too much like tinkers hook shot, perhaps have it swing in an arc in front of the vigilist and pull multiple opponents (lower the damage if you do).

    Strong ranged attack to mess someone up, seems to outclass disperse mostly because when you are in the air with disperse you can’t send it in a particular direction

    Healing Well
    I guess 40 is decent, area of effect is ok. I think given the speed and usefulness to the team it outclasses iron dome now.

    Iron Dome
    To balance with healing well reduce Iron domes cooldown to 30s (40s is excessive) and increase the damage absorption by another 50%.



    Bouncy Disk
    Compared to hook hmm triple the damage with a lower timeout. Hook is far cooler of course and has special utility.
    It is a bit too much like shuriken for our Tinker though. I think if it did 15 damage and slowed or briefly stopped the opponent then you have a more interesting and tactical skill (no bounce, just something that pins the opponent down).

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