Ability suggestions.

  • I assume you guys have a lot of abilities planned, or at the very least a lot of ideas for all the classes and what abilities you would like them to have. Hopefully you will find something interesting/helpful, be it in the way I described it, or perhaps you’d like something similar but enhanced in some way. I will most likely add new ideas as time passes.
    Don’t expect the ability names to be any good as I’m terrible at naming things.


    The taurant is obviously based on a bull or a minotaur, so having some abilities of his actually being similar to that of a bulls makes sense.

    • Minotaur Metamorphis/rage

      • Visuals: The spell would either, turn the taurant into a minotaur, turning his skin into fur and his mask into a bull’s head. A simplified version would be to just increase his size slightly and make his hands glow, although not as cool.
      • Effect: As the character model would grow by say 1.2-1.5 the current size, the pro would be longer reach, the con would be a larger target. However he could also have higher damage during this stage. (No changes to attack speed, we all know how well that went with viking desyncs in DW)
        It could last for around 5-10 seconds and have a long cooldown, perhaps closer to the minute mark.
    • Aura of the beast

      • Visual: The front part of a large bull storming out in front of the taurant as he performs something similar to the current warcry animation.
      • Effect: Having a massive knockback effect on multiple opponents, not too much reach though, but more than the current shove.
        It could also have slightly longer cooldown and more telegraphing before the bull is unleashed. Could replace shove completely.
    • Stomp

      • Visual: The taurant stomps the ground, causing an earthquake AOE surronding him.
      • Effect: Dealing damage to multiple opponents surrounding him.
        It could replace whirlwind or be another ability in that vertical ability tree, it obviously needs telegraphing as Gauntlet mentioned in another thread the current skill of AOE attacks is meh, but with loud sound effects and telegraphing I think they should be fine.


    Seems to be more of a firemage with this phoenix, fireballs, firepunch, and big blast. So obviously fire attacks are his main area of expertise; along the fact that he can also levitate, teleport and do other weird conjurations.

    • Firewheel/firespin/tornado of fire

      • Visual: Creates a large vortex of fire around the alchemancer, could use his stand still warcry for the animations as he unleashes the attack.
      • Effecs: Deals AOE damage around the mage and would not be a projectile.
    • Eye of the beholder

      • Visual: The alchemancer summons an eye of some sort, which will follow him around on a distance, far above where he is himself.
      • Effecs: When he presses the ability button he will see the top down view of the eye, which will float a fair bit above him giving him vision in all different directions.
        This doesn’t seem like a useful spell at first glance, but on maps like courtyard you could push the cart at the lower levels and see your enemies trying to flank you from above.
    • Air Burst

      • Visual: Same as force push but with a larger sonic boom shaped air projectile firing from the alchemancer’s hands.
      • Effecs: Massive knockback upon whoever gets hit by it or parries it, the recoil the alchemancer faces should be massive as well, at least compared to force push.


    She’s basically a snake and an assassin, so obviously she needs something snake like, while also stealth like attacks.

    • Shadow steps

      • Visual: Her feet starts glowing and some effect similar to 2nd wind could appear.
      • Effecs: Her movement speed is increased tremendously for 3-5 seconds, which allows her to run away or close the gap while fighting an enemy.
        It would be on the 3rd slot together with phase and teleport and have a far longer cooldown than the counterparts.
    • Whip

      • Visual: Transparent snakelike rope attaches to the end of her weapons.
      • Effecs: Increases her range for 3-5 seconds as the snakelike whips would deal damage to opponents further away.
        It could deal less damage than regular attacks, but having that extra range while attacking.
    • Vypress Touch

      • Visual: Loads weapons with a red-ish aura.
      • Effecs: When she hits someone - With either an attack or ability - she gains 50% of the damage she dealt back in health.


    • Stoneskin

      • Visual: Her skin looks more like stone, it can keep the colour, but some cracks similar to “the thing” of fantastic four would do the trick.
      • Effecs: Increases HP by 50 for 10 seconds with a long cooldown.
    • Mirror

      • Visual: 5 mirrors forming somewhat of a pentagon around the player, with gaps between eachother and the floor, also not covering the head properly.
      • Effecs: The mirrors will reflect any projectile that hits them, or stop physical attacks, but will break after being hit once.
        Not sure if this should be for the vigilist or the entropist. It would not render the iron dome useless and the iron dome can take more hits and completely covers all angles around the player.


    • Djinn Fry Dust/Smoke bombs

      • Visual: A cloud with team coloured lightning roaming inside them covering a large area.
      • Effecs: Drains stamina as a person stands inside them, they also work as smoke bombs.
    • Spikes

      • Visual: Spikes throw on the ground covering a large area.
      • Effecs: Whenever you walk over them you take minor damage (5/step), not when you stand still however.
        You can avoid them by using abilities, or simply wall jumping around them, or just rush through and don’t care about the tiny damage they cause. Would be great to deny area of escape, or enemy teams from using a certain route if they don’t want to lose any hp.
    • Magnetic Field

      • Visual: A floating iron ball with yellow lightning around it.
      • Effecs: Draws all projectiles towards it slightly, projectiles near it will disappear into it while projectiles further away will just change their direction.
    • Spring bord

      • Visual: A flat object placed on the ground.
      • Effecs: Springs opponents or team mates/yourself into the air as it’s been stepped on. resets itself after a few seconds, disappears when a new one is placed.
        This could be used to get to higher grounds for your whole team, or to have your enemies step of it and either use an ability or take fall damage.
        This could be used to jump to higher locations


    • Disable

      • Visual: Similar to the current heal bombs, but with another colour than green.
      • Effecs: randomly puts one of the enemies, who’s been hit by it or it’s area of effect, ability on cooldown. Does not deal damage, just used to deny usage of a random ability.
        Now RNG isn’t good when it comes to competetive games, however this feels like a fair use of RNG, it’s not like a random chance to be paralyzed or a random chance to deal damage, you know what the projectile does if it hits you. An ability on cooldown is something you can live with while at the same time it can help your team mate who’s fighting multiple enemies to not get spammed by abilities.
    • Trick Room

      • Visual: A rectangular shaped large room.
      • Effecs:
        • Option 1: To everyone outside the room it looks empty, basically they can’t see any characters on the inside, which might lead them to believe that there’s no one on the objective, or can be used to trick people into thinking there is someone on the objective.
        • Option 2: Makes everyone inside moves in slow motion even projectiles. Would most likely then merge with distortion field and just make it a larger one where everything moves slower

  • I would definitely be curious to find out if TBS would like us to propose any abilities, I see some slots are either empty or grey.
    That is probably the most “fun” type of feedback. Bouncy disc is one I would like to see replaced because it is too dull for Tinker. Tinker can have a lot of fun - for example dropping a “bomb” that does no damage but just explodes in smoke enveloping the enemy - a great alarm system !

  • Developer

    We still have some slots left to figure out and we’ll never stop collecting ideas for future abilities either so it’s definitely welcome.

    The buff/stoneskin ideas will be making an appearance soon in different forms, it’s something we’ve wanted to test more but have held off on a bit.
    Lifesteal we love and still want to find a proper slot for.
    Extending the range of melee is something I definitely still want to try, Vypress would be a good one for it.

    Speed boosts do weird things to the melee combat so we’ve stayed away from them. giving someone too much speed really messes with the perception of range etc.
    Eye of the beholder, this is one of the first types of abilities we made for the game and the pace of the game ended up killing it. it’s just too fast paced to make it work. Trick room is another concept we tried super early on in a different form that really didn’t fit the levels or pace very well, if the game had been a bit slower and less vertical elements in the level design it could work.
    Disable, messing with someones cooldowns can be confusing and its hard to tell how much use you actually did with it, I do still want to try a silence or an area of silence, it would similar things and provide a very clear indicator to everyone involved.

  • @Vesros That silence stuff could work in a trick room as well, making it an area where you can’t use abilities at all.

    Can’t wait to see what other abilities you guys have in store for us, keep up the good work!

  • I’m really digging the Vypress whip idea. Either physical or ethereal, dual whips would be a lot of fun for harassing with.

  • @Gauntlet I would be ok with being whipped by Vypress. None of this projectile nonsense though.

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