Academy - Level Feedback

  • So this map still needs feedback I think.

    It is visual stunning and overall an excellent map but little things need to be cleaned up to reach a higher level of polish

    1. Bomb placement is an obvious one (logged here)
      It is easily fixed - spawn bomb quicker than the wall, give it a popping sound if you dont want to change the location

    2. Second objective what is this shimmering wall - why is it here - just left over accidentally?

    3. Personally I’m not a fan of being able to stand in front of the bomb to make it move and have it pass through my body but its not game breaking, just a little anti-immersion

    4. Second objectives defender spawns are wide open for spawn kilss - I thought this was going to be fixed? Its fine if you plan to fix, I know what was said, but you asked for no level feedback, but that appears to my eye a level design issue (not that I have ever designed a game map)

    5. Defenders coming from spawn and see an ice wall which they cannot run through is annoying (everyone will try to run through it once). It looks a little silly. Both Xy and I brought this up 3-6 weeks ago.


    idk it seems unfinished to me, but small changes to perfect it, it is the #1 map in general I think so lets do a gordon ramsay and send it back to be recooked until it is perfect.

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