Mouse commands sometimes unresponsive

  • Hi, I like playing Chiv on high rank servers but since recently I’ve had this problem where sometimes, oftentimes in the heat of the battle, the game won’t respond to my mouse commands. For instance I’d try to do a reverse overhead but I keep scrolling down and nothing happens. Or I want to parry someone but the game won’t let me (nothing to do with me parrying too late). A lot of times combos don’t work and also I often can’t repost, and even after not being able to repost I’m often not able to attack for another second or so. Long story short it ruins the game for me. I do not have this problem when playing other games or when browsing the internet (so it’s not my mouse). This has nothing to do with game mechanics, I’ve been playing this game since 2012 and have so many hours in it I’m afraid to look, I know how the game works. It’s also not a lag issue as I’ve had this problem on pings as low as 12 and on official servers.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? If not I would like to know how to properly reinstall Chivalry, I tried reinstalling Chiv by removing it in the whatchamacall-it-in-English thing (In Dutch: configuratiescherm -> software en onderdelen -> wijzigen/verwijderen [“change/remove”]). However, my customization to characters kept the same it was (eventhough I deleted the Chivalry folder in My Games) and all bugs I had stayed, including the one that makes the game unplayable. So if no one knows how to fix the issue please tell me how to properly reinstall the game, preferably without losing all my ranks, because this problem only started occurring recently, while I have the game installed for a few months.

    Thank you.

  • @2Goldfiz48 What are your system specs? What kind of mouse do you have? How old is it? Are you running an external application for your mouse? Do you have any Windows mouse options enabled or disabled? Have you tried using a different mouse?

    Your mouse and keyboard inputs are taken in the time between frames, so it’s framerate dependent; if you have low FPS, you’ll have some noticeable “input lag”. Improving your FPS will reduce input lag.

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