Ideas and suggestions for tournament system

  • Hi,

    I, Bloodtrainer and cc\Smithy hosted the beta MedievalTV 1v1 tournament and we have some ideas what to improve if we want to promote the competitive gameplay.

    1. Restart round
    This would be useful if there is a glitch or problem with the LTS tournament, so you dont need to restart the whole map

    2. Restart match
    Restart map = reloads everything again… its needed for TO maps… but I think for LTS gamemode / tournaments would be more useful to: reset all scores and start the match from beginning with same players / teams… Would be good way to start a match after they are both ready to start.

    3. Automatic score bar for tournament matches
    Like seen on
    The system is so simple so its do-able … there could be 2 modes…
    1: 1v1 tournamet mode, where it just picks player name and shows that team wins (on LTS)
    2: Team vs Team mode, where you could input TAG + Guild Name to the scoreboard.
    If this system would be implemented it would be easier anyone to stream matches with automatic scoreboard =)

    4. Player “ready” to start match
    This would eliminate need for restart map / restart match… on most situations, and would allow players to duel more efficiently without need for an admin / vote map restart.

    5. Admin pause
    Is already implemented and tested, but its not documented yet on “Server Operators Hub”, this is must for LIVE e-sports if restart round is not implemented.

    6. Big ass countdown to round / match start
    Would like to have big number countdown on middle of the screen to screen when playing tournaments and starting a match. This should be possible to configure to MATCH start and ROUND start separately and with any custom second amount you want. Maybe even add THDUMM sound effect or something to it =)

    7. Tournament mode
    This should feature the 3. 4. 5. and 6. “SET ON” by default.

  • I agree to everything here since there is not really a reason not to.

    I really hope to see more NA and UK tournaments from you guys. The last one was great minus a few technical difficulties out of your control at that time.

  • There’s already an adminrestartmap as well as a pause, but the rest would be good for sure.

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