Patch Notes - 2016-06-01 - Alpha Build #2

  • Developer

    Welcome to the second Alpha Build!
    CL 52985

    The heavy tuning and experimentation continues! Lots of small changes in this build and a few big ones.
    Looking forward to hearing your feedback as always!


    • Lots and lots of map updates
    • Animation changes
    • Abilities now collide with each other and are deflectable (ie. knock a boulder back with a ward strike, etc…!)
    • your own projectiles can now damage you
    • Camera animation tweaks
    • Forward spawn mechanic has been reworked to include a warning timer and screen effect
    • Player collision size changes
    • Changed where the parry trace is drawn from for most AOE abilities, should be more reliable now
    • Changes to stamina, still extremely barebones and lacking balance tweaks
    • tweaked movement speeds
    • Alchemancer now has a reload system on main attack
    • Alchemancer Alt fires have been removed
    • Completely new way to move from map to map (seamless travel) to reduce between map load times
    • issues
      • vigilist and Alchemancer are really underwhelming this build

    Melee Combat Changes:

    • Weapon sizes have been increased
    • Interrupts have been disabled interrupts in release and riposte states
    • More generous feint window
    • increased melee recovery times
      removed combo in recovery
    • Increased melee/parry knock backs
    • Reduced melee camera limitations
    • Tweaks to all weapon timings and animations
    • Reduced parry up/success duration
    • Lots of queueing changes


    • Reduced back/side jump distance, added jump cool down
      NOTE - Known bug with side/back jumps not triggering

    Major Bug Fixes:

    • Bonebuffer crash (debug build sometimes crashing)
    • Teleporters no longer re-orient all players
    • Bomb plant site state now resets with each round
    • Tinker attachments no longer float around
    • Taurant Whirlwind now has a cooldown

    Known Major Bugs:

    • If dead at the end of a round based match, players might have a 100x penalty on all ability cooldowns
      • to resolve - spawn in as a different class
    • Azar Bots can become stuck between to_bazaar spawn walls
    • Some misplaced geo in to_bazaar
    • Collision on capture point effects
    • Alchemancer can teleport through spawn walls
    • Some spawn walls cause a collision hitch
    • Slam hog ability detonates when going over ledges
    • your character can get stuck in a state where abilities will not activate but your hands will move for a split second as it attempts to start the attack (happens most often on the Taurant)

    What we’re working on for next build:

    • Entropist
    • all melee animations updated, hoping to get the final tweaks in for melee anims (polish will take longer).
    • new parry box, next builds parry box will be much tighter making sure parries don’t happen too far out as well as giving more opportunities to get around parries
    • More new abilities and tweaks
    • Tuning game modes for maps
    • Game mode clarity
    • Alchemancer primary attacks
    • TO objective transitions and context

  • Abilities now collide with each other and are deflectable (ie. knock a boulder back with a ward strike, etc…!)
    your own projectiles can now damage you

    thumbs up

  • Developer

    @rumpelstiltskin aiming the deflected projectiles is still quite hard, made some adjustments for the next build that will drastically improve the accuracy

  • @Vesros Apperently we can’t parry our own projectiles either. Not sure when they’re reflected, but when I tried to parry my own shuriken or boulder it didn’t work.

  • Developer

    @Xylvion Yea still waiting on that, you can parry allied attacks now though so its halfway there

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