Need help - trying to learn bearded axe

  • This weapon has captured my heart. I like the speed, I sorta like the damage, but mostly I like the look. I never played knight more than 1-2 hours until recently (played since 2013, level 50). This shit is fucking hard work. You really have to work at it to get the same results I can get with much less effort as a vanguard.

    I only play FFA

    What do I riposte as? as a bardiche main my instinct is to riposte with overhead, but it seems so god damn slow I have a hard time believe this is really the 2nd fastest 2hander. Like I swear any sword or polearm or the war hammer all have much faster riposte overheads. I am willing to admit I’m wrong. Right now I usually riposte LMB, sometimes stab, but I have severe reliability issues with bearded axe stabs.

    Sometimes my stab is lightning fast, sometimes it is slow as hell. WTF? I notice this happen sometimes with the over head too, sometimes it’s so damn fast it’s near instant. What causes this crazy change in speed? It never happens with LMB, just overheads and stabs.

    This is the hardest weapon I’ve tried to use (never put an honest effort into flail, seems like a whole different play style). What does it have for advantages? It literally feels like when I do kill someone with this weapon, that it is because I just out played them, but that I could have done it with any weapon, so far I have not been able to find what makes this weapon special and how to use it correctly.

    If I am intending on feinting someone, what is the best swing to start out on to feint with? The LMB windup is so short I frequently am too slow to feint.

    Is it just me, or compared to most other weapons out there you have to be extremely precise with the stab? Any vanguard weapon I use it’s like I have a giant basketball on the end of the weapon, as long as I’m near the target, it will hit, whereas this bearded axe it’s fucking hard.

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