Finger Thy Self

  • Knights Of The Sect clan hub

    Google it if you dont know what it is

    Goat: thegreenb4std

    The guy who stares at goats: Somervillage

    People who will most likely betray us:

    • theMainehamster
    • couchpennies
    • Linkin pepper
    • Lazy and Hazy
    • goldenharbor
    • No home planet
    • aldo v grazo
    • semen (legitpanda)
    • TGL ElemenT
    • xylo
    • and his bro viz
    • hcfully

    Don’t let these numbers fool you, only about half of these people ever show to practice, the other half mysteriously appear during war time expecting a spot, 8th wonder of the world perhaps

    Wars: “you dont want none of this”- goldenharbor

    Past wars: sds loss 3-2, bastards of men win 3-1, nhg win 3-0, assguardians loss 3-1 record 2-2

    Join requirements: hop into a practice with us or betray your current clan, then betray us just for fun, yay

    We’re looking for people who arent half retarded and will show to at least some practices, thanks

    if you’re voice is at the frequency that only dogs can hear it please dont bother (this also includes people that talk at the speed of a snail…you get beaned in the back of the head with a paddle or what)*

    Thanks for looking and hope to see this roster grow! (Then most likely shorten from betrayal)
    KTS shortened form
    "Kill thy self" (<—all the traitors get rekt)

    Emblem #70 dragonish crowny black black orange (required to be worn for the 5 seconds youre involved in the clan, then feel free to remove it when you betray us)

  • I can’t type the whistling sound from the hunger games.

  • @No-Home-Planet kill thy self for not doing the noise

  • I recognize a couple names…and I battle with Odin often. If your others are of his caliber, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

  • @Gnarlydude hellz ya and more familar faces to come, odin is NJD just changed the name

  • Roster update

  • I’m incredibly impressed with this roster. Make’ol General proud.

  • Impressive squad bro

  • Roster updated 2 new guys and one left, not clan material in his eyes

  • Put chaos up their to

  • Getting better and better by the days

  • @Somervillage said in Knights of the Sect clan hub:

    Google it if you dont know what it is

    Leaders: Somervillage and DEADLySINz

    Inner circle (guys who make decisions when i dont feel like it):

    • XGN freeza 2pt0
    • thegreenb4std20
    • theMainehamster
    • couchpennies


    • hitmanCODYx69
    • rex tyrann
    • Linkin pepper
    • Lazy and Hazy
    • SB l Dakota
    • goldenharbor
    • badWAFFLEMAN
    • No home planet
    • SB l chaos

    Alliances: One shot legion

    Wars: scheduling for nhg currently being done

    Past wars: N/A but hope to rack up some wins soon

    Join requirments: personal invite or come to a practice and show us what ya got

    Thanks for looking and hope to see this roster grow!

    NJD aka SCHIZ ODIN is a beast of a fight when he isn’t lagging. That or I’m playing like shit. XD

  • Hmm you guys have some strong players! Would be interesting too do a clan war in the future if you guys are up for it.

  • @SiNz-of-DEATH6 there* get rekt

  • @CrazyZxZGhost possibly, still testing the waters right now seeing where we are, im taking it slow and the guys dont mind, not gonna bullrush into top tier clans right off the bat, we dont need anymore retirement threads

  • @somervillage LMAO 😂

  • A healthy Archer must be sacrificed to the Sect. >:]

  • @Freeza-2.0 pre game rituals to please the almighty

  • @Somervillage For Lord Malric Brother!

  • Sadly njd has left for no apparent reason

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