General Feedback 52985

  • CTF

    • I agree all movement enhancements should be disabled while holding the flag forcing people to pick their skills more carefully if they plan to be a flag carrier
    • Still believe all these maps need a time limit to prevent matches going on too long, allowing a draw if necessary


    • I like this map, nice obvious theme, quick into the action
    • I hate the timer increasing each time you die (or suicide to change classes) there is absolutely nothing fun about sitting in game watching a timer countdown, and as the match stretches on how many minutes are out for? It was one of the issues with LTS if you died early - basically you have nothing to do so might as well play another game. Penalizes new players drastically.


    • Seems fine, starting to get a little repetitive I think with look and feel
    • Waterwheel is in the distance but not like you can interact with it.
    • If waterwheel is the theme lets get more water stuff/aqueducts/rivers



    • I like the reload on Alchemancer, much less spammy.
    • I do miss the scroll forward/back alternate choices which could be short range attacks.

    This is overpowered -

    • fire up to 3 in succession,
    • very fast
    • each does 25 damage for direct hits, or 20 for splash,
    • it completely and utterly outclasses the phoenix
    • Would make far more sense to swap column with sunstrike so you choose this or chaos orb
    • Fails if your cursor is pointing into a wall next to enemy with no feedback
    • No indicator to opponent it is under them (so impossible to parry)
    • I think these kind of skills (e.g. teleport) need to work like
      – Press key down
      – Shows a blue circle where you are aiming at
      – Right click to cancel it
      – Release key
      – Animation and skill executes
    • No indication on how long it will last


    Explosive Punch
    • I can be right in front of opponent and it misses, rendering it ineffective
    • But if it hits 69 damage wut, hard to say if that is balance


    Death Touch

    • Nice skill, very comparable to the others
    • Seems a little short to be considered a “DOT”

    Blade Whip

    • 75 damage as a ranged attack - omg wuts up with that
    • but does nothing if you charge it up and then strike in melee - makes no sense

    Other things

    • Warmup didnt reduce cooldowns, and it doesnt reset at start of match
    • ctf_lighthouse lighting much better

  • Developer

    • We want to what kinda balance we can get without limiting the flag carriers movement too much before going down that route, if it doesn’t feel right in the end we could limit movement abilities as well.
    • The respawn timer increasing on death will be reworked as it can lead to extremely long respawn times that definitely aren’t fun atm

    • Groundhog has an alternate version in the next build, similar functionality, either way it’s definitely in need of a nerf and it’s been moved to the secondary ability slow as well.
    • Sunstrike is out for now, not sure if it’ll ever make its way back
    • nerfed explosive punch damage, it could do headshot damage along with its high base damage leading to some ridiculous numbers. Made it a bit more reliable to aim as well.
    • Death Touch dot was oddly misaligned with the actual duration of the ability, extended its duration a bit.
    • Fixed blade whips maximum damage potential being too high
      • “but does nothing if you charge it up and then strike in melee - makes no sense” - not sure what you mean

  • @Vesros said in General Feedback 52985:

    • Fixed blade whips maximum damage potential being too high
      • “but does nothing if you charge it up and then strike in melee - makes no sense” - not sure what you mean

    Click blade whip - then hit someone would do no extra damage, only seems to work as a projectile.

  • Developer

    @gregcau Right, I’ll balance that eventually. It requires a bit of a setup to not cause a one hit kill together with the overhead projectiles which is why the melee damage is so low right now.

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