Epic Knifing

  • Just because I haven’t seen a topic about this…

    How about them new knife animations? (for those who remember when knives shared sword animations in beta)

    I just love how the overhand stab with the knife looks. in addition to that, I kind of like how knives actually feel useful now.

    This one game I played on hillside, I was a mason Archer and we were at the trebuchet part. I was going up this stairway when this agatha Knight was jumping down it. I panicked and switched to my knife, and right at that moment another mason Archer comes down the stairs behind him with his knife out and we just start stabbing the hell out of this poor knight while he was trying so hard to get a swing in on us.

    I felt like Brutus stabbing Casear. Just awesome.

    Anyone else have some fun moments shanking people on the battlefield?

  • With dagger? yeah it is pretty fun. :)

  • They’re awesome - however, the overhead with knives is now a downwards stab, but still deals slash damage. Bit of an inconsistency.

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