Power of the Codex - Ability Ideas and Discussion

  • Right. So, there are a bunch of unfilled ability slots and that needs to be remedied. After speaking to one of our benevolent masters (See Reithur, our lord and savior for more information) I decided to make this thread. Please, feel free to take this thread apart and suggest/dissect some of the abilities listed below. Let’s see if we can’t get something made, hmm?

    Note; I will be making edits to this thread as I think of ability ideas. Hope we get something productive from this.


    Flame Whip - Summon a whip of Jinn energy. Press the ability button to swing, and press it again to crack, dealing moderate damage. (10 sec cooldown)

    Bargain with Ifrit - Sacrifice a portion of your soul to gain power. You lose 25 maximum health to gain a 25% reduction on all ability cooldowns. Lasts until death. (60 sec cooldown)

    Dinah’s Hand - Invoke Dinah’s wrath. Select a ground target location. After two seconds, a mystical fist slams into the ground at that location, dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in the radius. - (60 sec cooldown)

    Jinnsight - Gain the ability to see enemies through walls. Lasts six seconds. (45 sec cooldown)

    Servitude - Force a fallen enemy’s Jinn to serve you. Upon activation of this ability, you absorb a fallen opponent’s Jinn from their body, giving your abilities additional damage at the cost of health regeneration, stamina regeneration, and increased cooldowns. After all, they aren’t serving you willingly.


    Avice’s Hysteria - Give your mind to the Jinn to benefit your team. All of your teammates gain a large damage boost and all of their cooldowns are reset. This lasts for six seconds. At the end of the spell’s duration, the caster dies. (320 sec cooldown)

    Crosswind - Create a gust of wind at a ground target location. Enemies within the range are knocked around. This ability increases the height and distance gained from your Magic Carpet when you activate it within the ground target location. Lasts five seconds. (25 sec cooldown)


    Gore - Make a quick strike with your melee weapon. Any enemy hit by this attack is bled for a small amount of damage over three seconds. (20 sec cooldown)

    Rage Within - Toss aside your calm and give into the rage within. For ten seconds, you gain increased movement speed and all of your melee strikes are faster and do more damage. However, during this state, you take double damage. At the end of the effect, your stamina is set to zero. It will regenerate as normal. (180 sec cooldown)

    Immovable Mountain - You aren’t smart, but you sure are tough. When activated, this ability reduces all incoming damage by half for eight seconds. (60 sec cooldown)

    Landslide - Imbudes the Taurant’s weapon with the power of earth. Weapon strikes deal more damage but are much slower and cost more stamina to utilize. Lasts for six seconds. (25 sec cooldown)

    Linebreaker - You slam your weapon into the ground, forcing the very earth itself to bend to your will. A wave of seismic energy assaults enemies in a line, dealing moderate damage. (20 sec cooldown)


    Arcane Trickster - You activate a gadget on your belt. The next ability that you parry is absorbed into your gadget. The absorbed ability may be used, in a weaker state, in the next sixty seconds. (30 sec cooldown after use)


    Final Stand - Your Jinn infuses you with an unimaginable vigor. For five seconds, you can absorb far more damage than any other combatant. If you die before the effect ends, a wave of energy explodes from your body, dealing half of the damage taken to enemies around you. Otherwise, the effect ends. (180 sec cooldown)

    Phalanx - You raise your shield high, reflecting any ranged abilities used on you and cutting the stamina cost for blocking in half. Lasts four seconds. (30 sec cooldown)


    In The Grass - You cloak yourself in Jinn energy, granting partial invisibility for six seconds. Sprinting or attacking cancels this effect. (30 sec cooldown)

    Blind - You throw a pinch of flash powder at an enemy, blinding them for two seconds. (45 sec cooldown)

    Slither - You muffle your footsteps for ten seconds. (20 sec cooldown)

    Constrict - Applies a poison to your weapons that, upon hitting an enemy, prevents them from using abilities for six seconds. (35 sec cooldown)

    Venom Spit - Expel a glob of Jinn energy from your mouth, splashing enemies within a cone. Any target affected by the venom takes moderate periodic damage for three seconds. This attack can be blocked by a shield, rendering it useless. (40 sec cooldown)

  • Some really great suggestions there mate!

    However I’m not a fan of DOT attacks, it’s really annoying when you’re hit by firepots in chivalry and you know that you’re dead, perhaps if the DOT dealt damage to stamina, eating away your enemies jinn powers. Or if the DOT itself can’t kill but bring down the enemy to 1hp.
    Attack speed should really not be messed with, if you ever played DW you know how desynced vikings’ attack became after just a few swings. Faster movement and higher/lower damage is quite a neat idea though.

    Either way I really like your ideas, there are a few that I would change in one way or another. I will also bring up some of your ideas that are already perfectly fine as they are, mostly because I really like them, even though there’s nothing I want to change regarding them.

    Bargain with Ifrit - Instead of until death, which may be quite a long amount of time, it could last 60 seconds (reducing all cooldowns that’s been active during said time), with a far longer cooldown itself, perhaps up to 160 seconds. Though it would be shortened to 120 seconds while it’s been used. This would mean that you’d keep the lower HP and the ability to dish out abilities for one minute instead of perhaps 5, 10, 15.

    Dinah’s Hand - Better idea than the phoenix strike that the alchemancer has atm, as it can be seen above the player and you can really see it windup before it attacks.

    Avice’s Hysteria - Awesome Idea, absolutely brilliant, however the cooldown seems a bit long.

    Rage Within - I defo want something like this, without the change to attack speed however.

    Immovable Mountain - I feel that this is more of a vigilist type of ability, which could also lower movement speed while activated.

    Arcane Trickster - Best ability ever! Should it be applied to your parry instead? Meaning the next ability you parry would be the one to appear in your ability slot. It seems very contra-productive to be hit by an ability to use it, either you’d take damage from it which seems quite silly, or you wouldn’t which would mean you couldn’t care less about it.

    Phanlanx - To add onto this… it would be great if you couldn’t hold your shield parry at other times, but only during the time this ability is activated. That way there would be no need for a kick to get around her usual shield as it can’t be held, except for when this ability is active.

    Blind - Not a fan of this as it would be annoying to be on the receiving end.

    I think that a 4th ability slot would be great, for passive abilities, such as Inner Rage, Jinnsight, Muffle, and so on. While keeping the other 3 for active abilities (abilities used on others).

  • @Xylvion Your feedback certainly does make sense.

    Now that I think about it, I have to agree with the cooldown problem on Avice’s Hysteria. At the same time, though, a teammate can just switch to Entropist and cast it again. I intended it as a sort of “Burst” ability to use when pushing objectives to give your team the edge.

    Bargain with Ifrit - I honestly prefer it in the original state, but it may be a lot more fair to have it as a temporary kinda deal.

    Rage Within - Maybe changing animations instead of attack speed?

    Immovable Mountain - All of the classes seem to have some sort of defensive ability or another; the Taurant doesn’t have one. Something else would probably be nice.

    Arcane Trickster - Great point, actually. I’ll go back and edit so that the ability is caught on your parry.

    Blind - Gotta agree with you there.

    Your feedback’s been hella helpful, mate. Keep it up.

  • @Xenokkah

    Rage Within - Instead of speed, or animation changes to the attacks themselves, I could see an addition to his weapon, perhaps his mace’s head increasing in size by conjurning the “boulder projectile” giving him some extra reach while he has the extra damage and movement speed. However it may be preferable on the Landslide as it’s more of a powerhouse passive.

    Immovable mountain - Maybe it could prevent knockback instead, so that when you parry, or get attacked you won’t be knockbacked at all. (A quite terrible idea would be to also remove flinch during that period of time.)

  • So taking that and building upon it (side note dont really like long cooldowns)



    • Rage within looks a lot better (increased damage given and taken, not attack speed) than Hammershot (not sure how a vertical projectile helps)



    • Servitude not sure if you mean the respawning player is affected, that might seem a little funky to that player but I like the idea of absorbing energy from a fallen body (perhaps the blue sphere be more obvious) that restores health and buffs damage temporarily.
    • Flame whip should be short range
    • Dinah’s hand you need to see it launched so that you can block above you
    • Smokescreen - puff of smoke surrounds the alchemancer in a 5 foot radius obscuring view and letting them run away or step back and fire through it at an approaching player



    • Constrict sounds like a lot more interesting than deathtouch
    • Blinding powder would be fine if you could parry it and obviously not a full blind (black screen) but something close to it for a couple of seconds



    • Phalanx not sure of the animation to deflect projectiles behind you but it would be cool
    • Final stand is great



    • Immobility orb - hurl a projectile (may be parried) which if it hits will immobilise them for 3 seconds
    • Teleporter, - press to set the destination of the teleport, run somewhere press to create the source portal. Step through to arrive at the destination (ends the teleport). Anyone can use it including enemies.
    • Sticky bomb - hurl projectile (may be parried) which sticks to any surface (players too) exploding 1 second later
    • Blade barrier - creates a mechanical object under cursor that takes 1 second to form (destroy during that) but then creates whirling blades in an area for 3 seconds dealing 30 damage per second
    • Scale wall - uses her hook to launch her self up a wall to scale greater heights



    • Sandstorm - whips up a sandstorm at the location obscuring vision and doing 10 area effect damage, lasts 5 seconds
    • Avice’s Hysteria - imbues team (within radius) with powerful attacks adding 10 damage to each of their melee attacks for 6 seconds
    • Crosswind - wind from location blowing back people 10 feet in a 40 foot radius (including own team)
    • Healing well - I would like to see this last longer (5s) healing 12 damage per second
    • Stoneskin - imbues team (within radius) with hardened skin that will reduce damage by 10 per hit for 6 seconds
    • Cooling wave - reduces all cooldowns for the team (within radius) by 5 seconds
    • Magic carpet - whatever direction he is pointing - 45 degree whooshing carpet brings him into the air over 2 second, where it remains stationary for 4 seconds - he can then leap from it whereever he likes
    • Feather fall - allows him to jump from anywhere and he will float down taking no damage, lasts 6 seconds
    • Invisibility - fade out of sight, lasts 3 seconds, breaks whenever any skill or attack is used (much less OP on this class)

  • @gregcau No, Servitude is absorbing energy from the body to benefit the Alchemancer. Sacrificing the blue sphere is probably the most plausible thing to do there.

  • Developer

    Awesome stuff guys, really cool to hear ideas from everyone.


    • Dinah’s hand - very much like sunstrike which has been cut for the launch ability set, have a modified version in for the next build where you can place a fire field on the ground and if you hit it with your main projectile it explodes, just don’t ask me how the already burning fire suddenly causes an explosion…
    • Bargain with Ifrit - having an ability option that would temporarily allow him to become a lot more dangerous is really intriguing and something I’d like to try as well and could make for a really interesting alternative to having movement abilities


    • Rage/Landslide - been wanting to do something like this for a while, just made an ability for the Taurant that does both of these and Rage is good name! to justify both a damage and resistance boost he may be unable to cast his E/F ability during it making him a melee god for the duration.


    • Avice’s Hysteria - in the upcoming build he has 2 healing abilities, a grenade and a healing blast around him, the second one we’ll add some more utility to, damage boost or resistance are the obvious options so we’ll get something in line with this into the game soon.


    • Phalanx - we have an ability like this but due to the pace of the game it’s been really hard to make it useful, I might put it on again to see if there’s any way we can make it work again as it is a cool concept

  • @Vesros
    What if you could make Phanlanx a passive which surronds your shield as you activate it during a set timer, I noticed you did something similar with the entropist stoneskin in the current build, however, this ability would only be active during parry/holding the shield up. Then it could potentially extend the shield to a 180 degree half circular spiritual aura type of magical ward which still only activates as you keep the shield up during the time that the timer is in effect.

    -and remove held parry when the ability isn’t activated c|:^)-

  • Developer

    @Xylvion That is a pretty cool idea

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