Why Torn Banner isn’t making a Chivalry sequel (yet)

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    In advance of next week’s PC Gaming Show, we were invited to share our perspective on PC gaming and game development. Torn Banner Studios’ Alex Hayter wrote about why we have decided to create a new IP with Mirage, instead of an immediate sequel to Chivalry.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Where’s Chiv 2?

    After a huge seller like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the most obvious path to immediate success would be for our studio to develop a direct sequel, sit back and watch those 3.5+ million players and their Benjamins roll back in. Instead, the next title from Torn Banner is a magic fantasy action game that’s more Arabian Knights meets Game of Thrones than medieval European fantasy. This isn’t a world of chivalrous knights and kings but flame throwing mages and occult assassins. Gone are the castles and catapults, replaced by Middle Eastern-inspired marble palaces and magic seals.

    It’s Mirage: Arcane Warfare—a new first person multiplayer slasher that is much less a direct sequel and more like Chivalry’s magically gifted cousin. By developing a unique new IP, rather than Chivalry 2, our studio is aiming for long term creative and commercial success instead of grabbing at low hanging fruit.

    Read the entire piece: http://www.pcgamer.com/why-torn-banner-isnt-making-a-chivalry-sequel-yet/

  • So lemme get this straight…

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2 is inevitable but you guys wanted to expand your horizons with Mirage first?

  • My question is when is this magic fantasy coming to Xbox one

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    @That-Chiv-Vet Correct, we will absolutely make a sequel to Chivalry at some point.

  • @Vesros That’s all I wanted to read :)

  • It’s immediately clear how much more potential you guys have now that the team is settled into their own studio. Right off the bat Mirage seems to have deeper combat systems and a broader scope. The asset of a centralized and dedicated team plus all the experience even back from the AoC days, Chivalry 2 could be almost a AAA game. But not quite. Like a AA. A cheap Chinese noname AA that comes half-charged.

    What I’m trying to say is keep on keepin on TB. Looking forward to the hideous MT cosmetics that ruin the overall style of the characters post-launch. A satisfied Sunbrandistock and Bucket helm Vanguard user.

    Maybe we can get a Taurant maul skin that looks like a giant tree trunk, so I can bludgeon people with it and say “Got wood?”

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  • @Vesros said in Why Torn Banner isn’t making a Chivalry sequel (yet):

    @That-Chiv-Vet Correct, we will absolutely make a sequel to Chivalry at some point.


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  • Many people will be happy to here that, TB. I think there is a very widespread mentlity among customers that they somehow “own” the developers and the developers job is to do whatever the customer demands. Thats not only the wrong attitude, but we would still be in the 90’s if developers did whatever customers wanted. We NEED experimentation to create innovation. Easy as that.

  • I don’t think I can express my disappointment with TBS choosing to spend time working on Mirage more than I already have, and this article doesn’t do anything to help with that disappointment.

    With Mirage, we’re attempting to innovate in the multiplayer genre by combining ranged and melee combat into a single system, where players can block projectiles and leap through the air to slam down with melee attacks

    The article claims that the melding of melee and ranged combat is innovative, but we’ve already sort of seen that with Deadliest Warrior. Is the innovation the neat particle effects you got going on in UE4 or am I missing something? Maybe I just don’t understand why you’re so focused about innovation instead of just creating a good game.

    Had our studio gone directly into working on Chivalry 2, underlying problems may have simply persisted between game one and its sequel.

    If you can’t reflect back on your development of Chivalry and don’t know how to go about producing a successor nearly 4 years later then I think that says a lot about your company - The talk that I’ve seen on your forums in the past about how “TBS got lucky with Chivalry and doesn’t actually know what they’re doing” seems to have more credit now in my opinion.

    Hopefully I’m not coming off too harsh, I’m just really disappointed in what direction you guys decided to take your next game. It’s too bad Chivalry isn’t getting the same treatment that NWI is giving to Insurgency.

    Also, I wouldn’t compare Mirage with Squad. Squad is a reaction of a community that was tired of their game genre heading towards a certain direction. If anything compares to Squad, it would be Mordhau.

  • Why does the PC community in particular seem salty about TB’s decision? You guys aren’t getting the sequel hype?

  • @That-Chiv-Vet Believe me, we are. I’m really not sure where all the anti-Mirage salt is coming from.

  • I’m really hoping that when this game comes out for console it will get the same pc treatment of updates and skins

  • Id like to see story in chivalry 2

  • @CypressInstinx
    Many people came to Chivalry because it was a one of a kind game and the medieval combat intrigued them (it did for me at least). Not all of TBs market is a fantasy game, magic wielding kind of person. A lot of the people that came to Chivalry were attracted to the combat and how it is not fantasy and magic wielding.

    In short, TB made a game that can bring in a bunch of new customers who are interested in their game and they will keep much of the old customers however they will lose some of the die-hard fans that were there simply for the medieval combat. As a marketing move, it makes sense for TB. For some fans it doesn’t but they need to think of things in the broader picture.

    I myself aren’t to interested in Mirage but with how surprised I was with Chivalry when I tried the demo on Xbox 360 I will definitely give Mirage a fair try and I think people that might not necessarily like the sound of the game try it out too. That is, if it comes to console in the future. It may surprise you…

    Disclaimer: I don’t speak for TB however and I may just be ranting :b

  • I feel like you guys should have just made Chivalry 2. SteamSpy is showing 51 peak concurrent players yesterday, and Steam Charts showing a 39 player peak for the last 24 hours. I don’t know how accurate that is, and don’t know what the games population looks like because I don’t own it, but that just seems incredibly bad for a new game coming off a free weekend.

    So, have any plans for a Chivalry 2 anytime soon?

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    Tbh they made alot of money or chiv to keep them going a while, but they should make a chiv two while they still can

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