Alpha Build #3 - Release Notes

  • Developer

    alpha_testing Build 53510


    • Entropist enabled with new abilities and solidified playstyle
    • changed the projectile spawn point to be more in line with the visuals, this has some issues with it still and will be finalized soon
      • this will be a tutorial/training ground map that you can play cooperatively, it’ll have lots of things to do in a similar vein to what DW had but with way more effort put into it
    • keybindings menu is in, still WIP and has a few bugs.
      • we do not guarantee the safety of your keybindings if you use it in this build!
    • reduced alchemancer and vypress health
    • cooldowns now reset on round/warmup start
    • projetile deflection is now more accurate
    • Major layout changes to maps, we’re starting work on objective indication as well
      • all maps are receiving art passes as well

    queueing and combos

    • fixed issue where a queue would persist through interrupts and various other states like blocked
    • vigilist can only riposte off of active parries
    • added/enabled new abilities on all clases


    • Enabled first hit flinch
      • our testing is pretty much done on this, not expecting this to change again
    • replaced alchemancers parry with a kick
      • very experimental
    • reduced movement speed
      • this build is slightly too slow but we think we’ve found the perfect value in internal playtests which is slightly quicker/more responsive then what this build features.
    • minor tweaks to parry up blend times (cosmetic only)
    • Reduced parry knockbacks
    • parry box changes
      • parry box is much smaller and not as wide, parries shouldn’t feel like they happen as far out
      • getting around parries is still too hard and we’re looking at improving this further
    • you can now parry your teammates and your own projectiles


    • almost all abilities can now be cancelled out of
    • Reworked Dervish
    • reduced the time you can slide before kicking on shadow kick
    • Taurants shove and vigilists shieldbash are now active parry moves meaning you can parry an attack and land the ability at the same time
    • polished up alchemancers ability to float when comboing abilities in the air
    • disabled arm collision while parrying
    • Stamina tweaks, still not integrated into the actual game so please ignore it.

    major bug fixes

    • fixed dropbomb bug where it could be activated multiple times using a script
    • fixed issue where melee abilities would sometimes not activate after attempting to combo out of an ability
    • fixed jumps sometimes stopping prematurely when jumping up steep surfaces
    • fixed held parry not getting brought up again after a successfull parry
    • fixed vaulting failing on small ledges
    • fixed healing totem being blockable
    • fixed max overheal value being too low on some classes
    • fixed vypress ghost effect staying on upon hitting a wall
    • fixed T-pose with Shove
    • fixed some abilities being chargeable - boulder, disc etc
    • fixed dash attack getting interrupted by light damage - fireballs, shurikens etc

    Known issues

    • alchemancer main sometimes doesn’t fire the last shot
    • every character leans back at the default state
    • Blade whips overhead is very broken
    • UI Overlay can get stuck on your screen if you have the Team or Class select screens open when someone uses the admin servertravel command
    • PS_Courtyard - Spawn Walls don’t cover all of the spawn exits (side exit)
    • Alchemancer Barrage - Currently only shows a red-coloured area of effect with no visible projectiles
    • using boulder can damage yourself as you launch the projectile

  • Great build, good work guys. Looking forward to more testing (though you won’t see me around Official tests for at least two weeks, work hours interfering).

  • The build seems really solid so far, we’re hopefully having some EU test sessions this weekend to test it properly.

    So far I’m not really a fan of the decreased distance on pounce and teleport though.

  • Developer

    @Xylvion Teleport has only changed how far up you can go which feels a bit odd, will increase a little bit. Pounce distance has been fixed already, unintentional change.

  • @Vesros I also noticed that teleporting straight up only teleports you about 1 meter.

  • @Xylvion you can definitely teleport further straight than upwards, though sometimes odd terrain will limit the horizontal distance as well

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