Build 53510-- General feedback, mostly regarding animations.

  • Animations

    The animations really bring character and personality to the different classes, the animator did a great job in conveying the different personalities of the classes, not only by the idle stances, but also because of walking and running animations. The voice commands are perfect and fit the classes really well, the warcries all sounds quite neat though I’m not a big fan of the current animations for them coped with the voice commands. For example I’d expect the alchemancer to shout at the top of his lounges with the current animations, yet he’s just quite silent. I really like the idea of an idle animation as you’ve not moved for a while, it gives character to the classes and giving them a way to show off their abilities.
    But… There’s always a but when it comes to any subject, but especially a First Person Melee, FPM. The animations would be perfect for a MOBA, perhaps even an FPS, but it’s not the ideal setup for a game like Mirage. The quirky animations serve as more of a deterrence than anything else. FPM games may contain complex manouvers and mechanics, which is amazing, but the animations need to stay simple to be noticed and not clutter the screen with arms and legs flailing around all over the place. Right now it’s really hard to tell aparat different characters and if they attack or not as they all have completely different animations across the board. Too many animations doesn’t help when you’re on the battlefield, it quickly becomes confusing.
    The easiest way to work around this issue is to simplify the animations. In Chivalry the leg animations are very similar, if not exactly the same for all classes, you can easily identify when a class is moving, if they backpedal, sidestep, walk slightly to the left as they advance, if they run etc. Keeping the movement the same across all classes would make it far easier for footwork and make it less confusing when you switch to a different class as it’s actually the same whichever one you choose. There’s not only the leg movement, there’s also the torso movement, this includes the arms and weapons as well. If we again look back at chivalry, it’s a very basic system with only a few different animation types, such as 1handed, 2handed swords, and 2handed blunts + a few more. There are 5 classes in this game that wield weapons and they all have different animations, so one could argue that it isn’t that big of a deal; however it’s once again back to the simplicity of chivalry that made it what it is. 4 of the classes currently use one handed weapons, meanwhile only one uses a two handed weapon, which makes the animations a lot more confusing (Counting the vypress as a 1handed weapon due to what I will mention later on in the topic). The fact that there are 4 different animations for 1 type of weapon is therefore quite over the top ambitious and doesn’t work well in a FPM enviorment at all. We have the advanced system with drags, torso movements, feints, footwork, projectiles flying all over the map, along with other awesome mechanics you guys cook up for us. If we look back at chivalry again we can see the “simple” animation system in progress and it works wonders. You know exactly how a weapon will perform based on the type of weapon it is, you know exactly what the animations will look like based on the weapon as well. In Mirage I could see the Vigilist, Tinker, Vypress, and Entropist share the same exact torso and attack animations as they’re all using one handed weapons. The taurant would have to keep animations of his own as he’s wielding a two hander. With 2, perhaps 3 - depending on the length of the vigilist and entropist weapons they may need slightly different animations - types of attack animations it would not only make the game far less confusing, it would also make adding new weapons easier, or for modders to mod their own. If you would give the taurant a one handed mace, you would have the exact same animations as the other classes do when they wield one handed weapons; perhaps you would want the tinker to wield a massive sword similar to cloud’s buster sword, then you would already have the animations for said weapon.
    Does this remove all personality? Of course not. You still have the animations when you’ve been idle for a while, the warcries - more about them later, - abilities, voice commands, and so on. The more you personalize the abilities and the more you simplify the other animations the better the gameplay will become.

    Current individual class animations:


    • The doubleaxe animations in chivalry would be perfect for his weapon type, or something more similar to it.


    • I’m not a fan at all of the left hand weapon, in my opinion it brings nothing to the table except for wonky animations and weird attacks.
      Instead I would suggest her to get a glove similar to that of the assassins in Assassins Creed, something that pops out as she uses her abilities; heck if you’re really feeling it you could have a snake tied to her arm and completely change the look of abilities with an actual snake attacking (plus it would be great for people who enjoy fanart). Either way, with the annoying secondary weapon out of the way, she would also wield a single weapon, like most other classes.


    • Now this dude’s walk/run animations could be reverted to the older ones where his arms flailed around like crazy… Unless you decide to give him a weapon in the end.


    • Still not a fan of any of her animations, I really despice the fact that her regular overhead goes from left to right instead of right to left, they just feel like a mess that’s all over the place.


    • The forward leg pisses me off as it can be hit while the rest of the body is far out of reach from the enemy.


    • Even though I love his fat and jolly style, I don’t think it’s the way to go in a FPM.
    • He could keep the current animations when he’s in a stance however, which would set him aparat and let people know that he’s in a stance where he can fire off projectiles.


    As I think the regular walk/attack animations would be better off simplified, the warcry itself could be used to show the personality of the characters. Instead of just having one type of warcry for each class there could be several, and it plays a random one, or one with the most fitting warcry shout, which would make it feel more natural than when you see the entropist’s laughing warcry, but he shouts instead of laughs.
    Obviously this could also be a way for microtransactions in the future. You could have 5ish slots in the customization screen in which you can place different warcry animations. This would allow you guys to later on create warcry packs with different gestures and sounds. And it would be a perfect type of microtransaction as it doesn’t change the weapons or any major gameplay, instead it gives the characters more personality, while also bringing some other nuances into the game.

    It should also be possible to cancel a warcry animation so you can parry/attack instead, while also making them flinch to allow the person warcrying the chance to actually parry the second incoming attack of an enemy instead of being stuck in the warcry state until death.


    The new glow on the trim/emblem and also on the arms/tattoos is great when an opponent parries, you can definitely notice what they’re doing. I think it would be a great addition to add when the weapons is in release as well. It would help indicating that someone is actually attacking making it easier to read feints/not panic, which could be helpful in duels but also against multiple opponents.
    When Vesros and I talked a while back about 1vX situations the topic of ripostes and them being flinched came up, it’s something annoying that we’ve all been exposed to. What we got to talk about was parry DURING riposte, - only for melee attacks as it’d be really strange with abilities - now this would be weird unless the ripsote itself had perhaps some aura surronding the blade giving the enemy notice that the incoming attack is also a parry. There are other mechanics in chivalry like PiP for this very reason, however that could result in you being stuck parrying until you run out of stamina and die, which isn’t something that anyone really wants to happen. I think it would be even better to have the riposte-parry in this game as there will be projectiles and weird stuff flying across the map at any given time, which you may be slightly unable to react to in time as you started your riposte before that vypress 10 meters away threw her shuriken at you; the projectile issue could be fixed by allowing melee attacks to deflect projectiles. But there’s not only projectiles in the game, there could be a taraunt suddenly charging or perhaps a tinker going for dervish quite a distance away from you. If ripostes also got a slightly different glow, perhaps to the weapon itself, or something surronding it, it would help identify ripostes from regular attacks in the feint meta, which could help people with higher pings; the “trim” glow could come into place here as well as it would stay glowy while a riposte is performed, and dim out before a regular attack is about to start.

    I’m not a fan of the current overhead->underhand attack combination, I would much rather have it be overhead->overhead from the other direction and then have underhand, either as a new attack type or not in the game at all.
    Alternative stabs would also be a nice addition to the game.


    While I don’t think that FHF throughout the full release is the perfect solution I would rather have that than no flinch at all. However it’s not the main problem when it comes to flinch. The major issue right now is the long lockout times when you’re fighting multiple opponents. I noticed during our test session when I was in a 2v1 and first parried leapslam, which then allowed the second player to hit me; afterwards the first player used whirlwind which I also parried, and the second player once again got a free hit on me. The flinch/stunlock times for certain abilities is far too long if you consider a 1vX scenario. It is a major problem when I parry one attack and can’t parry the next one, or even riposte against the other person due to being stunlocked/punished for performing a parry.


    I’m not a big fan of feinting and parrying with the same button so first off separating them would be great, now obviously qef are used by abilities, and r is used to reload, but that can be changed slightly, having the abilities on either qfg, efg, q2f, 2ef, or even efv by default and feint on either q or e.
    This would prevent accidental parries when you mean to feint while also unlocking the possibility of a new mechanic, which is FTP. FTP/CFTP would become its own mechanic instead of relying on feinting and then parrying (even though this would still work). This could be something you could use throughout the entire windup and possibly even early release to prevent hit trades, while also removing the stamina cost for both feinting and parrying and just keeping the stamina drain from the parry itself. It would make parry easier to use and more reliable as it would occur when you press the key, assuming you’re not in release (mid-late).


    This will be a brief section about the classes in this build, nothing spectacular about either of them.


    • He can’t be flinched in the current build.


    • She seems subpar to the other classes due to her attack animations being all over the place. Though her abilities are quite fun.


    • Completely useless without a parry. Where’s the mustasche?


    • The shield doesn’t seem to block properly unlike the parries for other classes.


    • His staff seems to be a bit too strong for melee, other than that he has some fancy hats.


    • Shove/shieldbash:

      • Too strong, way too strong.
        First off, they parry AND attack, which means your opponent can’t do jack shit if you decide to use them. They also deal quite a bit of damage, they might’ve been fine without any damage dealt at all and just as a means to push back an enemy.
        You can feint them and there’s no way to tell if it’s a feint or not as they’re almost instant either way. Why would you even need to feint them? You parry when you use them.
        The cooldown is way too short, meaning they can be spammed quite a lot.
    • Shockwave thingy:

      • Seems quite weak, but like a far better version of shove, it has a bigger AOE and pushes back enemies quite reliably. The cooldown could be slightly shorter though.
        Would be neat if it could continue even if it hit a wall or a pillar, but only where it doesn’t hit the obstacle.
    • Explosive Punch:

      • Seems fine, deals damage, but you can notice it. The new effects are quite neat as well.
    • Annihalator:

      • Not really sure what to think about this ability yet, it seems slow, but it has some range and it deals heaps of damage.
    • Rock Throw:

      • Hits your head as you throw it, which is hillarious and renders it useless for the moment being.
        Can’t be parried at facehug unless you turn to either the left or right slightly from what I’ve noticed.
    • Whirlwind:

      • Doesn’t spin you in first anymore, which is great.
        Would be nice to have the ability to change the direction of it (up/down) once it’s in release.
    • Charge:

      • Would be nice to have more control over it once it’s in use.
    • Leap Slam:

      • still a bit too long before he goes from the leap to the slam part, still not a fan of the AOE of the attack.
    • Phoenix:

      • Still working fine, except that the phoenix is gone and there’s an egg instead.
    • Chaos Orb:

      • Got nothing to say about it this build.
    • Slam Hog:

      • Not a fan of this new version, revert asap plz.
    • Barrage:

      • I think the ability suggestion @Xenokkah came up with would be a better solution, basically a “Hand of Dinah” summoning one big hand smashing down once instead of unreliable projectiles dropping one after another being a pain to parry over and over.
    • Teleport:

      • A bit wonky atm.
    • Levitate:

      • Still slow and with no up/down control.
    • Dash attack:

      • Still a decent attack.
    • Shadow kick:

      • Works just fine.
    • Pincer:

      • Even with the ability to use it again after having killed someone with it it’s quite a boring and slightly worse version of dash attack.
    • Shuriken:

      • Not enough telegraphing.
    • Extended melee:

      • It’s okay, but the cooldown is a bit too long perhaps?
    • Death touch:

      • Not a fan of DOT, but the explosion looks amazing right now.
    • Pounce:

      • Same length as Phase in this build.
    • Phase:

      • Feels a bit longer, it starts instantly, and the new effect looks amazing.
    • Ward Strike:

      • More range and faster speed, yet not too fast or OP in any way.
    • Impaler:

      • Feels slow and sluggish, somewhat like a worse grapplinghook which gives the enemy the initiative instead.
    • Disperse:

      • The awesome crystals are gone, heresey!
        Seems to be slightly more allevation, which is good.
    • Surge/Tsunami:

      • Starts of tilted to one side which looks weird.
        A bit slow and sluggish with a long cooldown.
        The pushback is gone making the new taurant ability a better version of it.

    *Iron Dome:

    • Same as before, quite balanced, still a bit hard to notice it being used so it may need some more telegraphing.

    *Healing well:

    • I like it right now, feels a lot better than previous versions.

    • Grappling Hook:

      • A bit hard to notice still, but can defo be parried.
    • Bouncing disc:

      • Quite bad compared to the grappling hook.
    • Mines:

      • Doesn’t stop walking completely anymore, yay!
    • Spawn Rock:

      • Amazing ability, though it could use some extra width.
        I could see it take the third slot of the last column instead of dervish or backflip instead.
    • Dervish:

      • Way too short this build, though it feels more and more like the halo stab back in mid-march
    • Grenade Launcher Stance:

      • They’re great, however a bit too fast at closer distances, though they seem perfectly parryalbe.
    • Assault Stance:

      • Might be a bit too fast though the projectiles seem fine.
    • Weirdo stance:

      • Extends the weapon, feels useless for the class.
    • Healing bombs:

      • No reason for them when the self heal explosion thingy exists.
    • Surrond heal:

      • Quite OP right now due to the amount it heals + that it heals self as well.
    • Magic carpet:

      • could use a speed boost.

    Attack/damage grunts

    There needs to be more of a difference between the two, right now I have a hard time knowing if someone’s dying or if they’re attacking if they’re out of view for me.
    The attacking grunt should be short and have force behind it, so you know that something is happening, someone is doing something, an attack is incoming.
    Taking damage should also result in a shorter sound, with less force behind it and more of an “aouch” feel.
    The deaths creams should be longer and be a shout of agony and pain to indicate someone’s dead.
    As someone who plays first person in chivalry, sound is what keeps me alive, I know if a person is attacking behind me due to the grunt, I know which class it is as the voices are very easy to distinguish between. I also know if someone gets hit behind me or if they die.
    I don’t mind the orgasmic sounds of the Tinker, but not in this context thank you. ;^)

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