Blood, gore & ragdolls.

  • Blood

    Blood is important, not only does it show damage, but it also ends up as decals, covering the ground, showing us where people have fought etc.
    The blood doesn’t seem to stay for too long though which is quite sad, it withers away jsut seconds after splattering onto the battlefield. In the Blood&Gore video you guys posted someone suggested keeping it forever, maybe this is a good idea, though I’m not sure how performance heavy blood spatter would be. I myself think it would be a great idea and really capture that “peaceful->overly chaotic” feel you guys seem to be so keen about.

    As per usual with my topics there’s usually some “negative” feedback lurking around, this time it’s about the colour of the blood itself. I really do enjoy the bright colours of the game, but the blood looks weird and frankly doesn’t blend too well with the bright colours when it’s bright itself. It’s shiny, it’s bright, it’s not blood, it’s just weird.
    Therefor I made a quick photoshop job on a picture and I believe that a darker crimson is something that could really improve the look and feel of the game.

    Blood currently:
    Darker crimsony blood:

    It would really contrast the happy-go-lucky feel of the background and the really gore infused battle of mirage. If you cope it together with the permanent bloodspatter, you get a weird mix of tranquility and absolute carnage.

    "Damaged stance"

    Now I don’t have any pictures of this as the idea came to me as I wrote the previous section.
    The bending froward while hurt completely changes the hitbox of the character, making it slightly smaller. This is not optimal for an FPM game, at least not in my opinion, however I can see why you would want to show off how much damage the enemy has taken quite easily.
    If you decide to go with a darker colour of the blood it will stand out enough as it is. Even now with the eyesore blending of the bright blood there’s really quite a lot when the opponent is heavily damaged, which is more than enough to tell if they’ll go down in 1, 2, or even 3 hits.
    At the very least it needs some adjustments as heavy damaged foes are almost fully bending over and it not only cripples them by placing their vitals closer to the enemy, it cripples the person fighting them as their screen might get covered by the opponent leaning closer. Overall it’s not something I enjoy in the slightest.


    Ragdolls are interesting, they’ve had a bit of flying 20 meters from just a tap to the current barely moving at all. Some of them seem to work really nicely with the current ragdolls, while some don’t fit at all.
    The first two show off something that really fits:
    In the first video you can see me hitting the tinker in the back and she gets thrown a tad bit forward, this is perfect, exactly the distance one would expect. In the second video, the same thing, the tinker gets slammed down into the ground just as expected, however the leg randomly falls off.
    This video however shows a slightly disappointing ragdoll:
    I would expect it to get some horizontal velocity from the push, perhaps not a lot, but some at least, instead it just stays on the same vertical axel. And again, the leg comes off!

    I did notice something funny with one ragdoll though which was when I hit it as it layed flat on the ground and yes, the leg is doing weird stuff again!:

    Now I get that you want fun aspects of the ragdolls which is completely fine. I like the bit in the recent trailer where the taurant whirlwinds and 3 people are sent flying, it doesn’t happen in the current build though. I also like the endshot where the tinker flies through the air as the chaos orb hits her, it’s jsut fabolous.
    There’s however the part where the taurant gets grappled by a tinker and his corpse almost turns upside down, I’m not really a fan of that one at all. I do think that some abilities need adjustments to their effects on ragdolls.
    Though it may be a bit tricky to implementmy feedback on abilities may contain effect on ragdolls, blood spatter and so on in future posts.

    The clip where they get knocked off the edge of the cliff falls a bit short in my eyes.
    I agree that the falling scream is amazing, the ragdolls however are not. Now you would expect them to - even if they’re dead - flail around with their arms, or doing something, trying to touch their inner djinn but fail. I think that a separate falling animation after a certain distance would look great as the scream plays. Even though the character is technically dead, you could see it like it dies on impact instead and let the animation do the talking.
    Now this could be a gateway to even more animations for ragdolls during certain situations, though I assume it is a lot of work for a tiny portion of the game, and the random ragdolls may be more fun at times; though a t-posed character looks kinda boring and bringing some more death animations to the game would really be a nice addition. An example would be when someone dies to Disperse their corpse could momentarily get impaled one one of the crystal spikes, dangling there until they disappear.

    The way the head of the taurant pops off is really really dull, now there are two ways to improve this, either you have the head fly in the direction the shuriken previously had, it’s magic after all, or it should just fall off in the direction of the head. The head popping and just allevating on the Z-axis doesn’t look that good.
    The part right after that where the Vigilist gets hit by the Phoenix lacks impact, an improvement would be for the phoenix to set fire to the corpse, just engulfing the ragdoll in flames.

    There seems to be a lot of dismemberment going on in the game right now, and I think it’s a bit too much. I can see the fun aspect of it, but when every time you kill someone and a part of their body always flies off it will get rather boring after a while. I think it would be better if it happened less often, make it something special. I’m not saying steal the idea of partial dismemberment from mordhau, but you should steal the idea of partial dismemberment from mordhau. Either way it should be toned down a notch, right now it’s way too frequent and just a lovetap seems to break apart the bones of the characters, for example the leg in this video:

    Build 53510.

  • Bonus Clip: Most hillarious kill so far on mirage for me.

  • @Xylvion probs worth it just to hear him complain.

  • Hey Xylvion,

    Thanks for the feedback! I implemented most of the gore stuff, and I’ll be taking another pass at it in the future (maybe about a month depending on progress on my levels), and feedback like this is super helpful, so definitely keep it coming!


  • blood splatters should be “thicker”/ less transparent tbh

  • @rumpelstiltskin iirc they’re thicker/shinier on non-sand surfaces. At least that’s what it looks like :s

  • @Xylvion @rumpelstiltskin

    Just to be a little clearer about what’s going on there, the blood is actually fully opaque and a solid red color. However, as an opaque liquid it is also highly reflective, which means that the final look is highly dependent on the environment that it’s rendered in. In that particular shot, it’s likely that a lot of those sandy colors are reflecting on the surface. Have a look in some other conditions to see if you are still noticing it. The other possibility is that the origin of the decal is offset substantially from the surface and that the only sections rendered are in the fade area of the decal.

    If it ends up being some issue only with sand as you say, then that would be a really good find, and we could probably track that issue down.

    Hope that all makes sense.

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