Weekly Test Focus - June 13 - 19

  • Developer

    Hi folks!

    New build, new test focus!

    This week wed like some focused feedback on the CP game mode. We’ve made some changes to how contesting works and would like to hear what you think.

    NA Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thrus 8:30PM to 10PM EST
    +some time TBD on the weekend!

    EU Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm GMT.
    Sat 7pm-8:30 GMT.

    AUS Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm AEST.
    +some time TBD on the weekend!

    Maps in test this week:

    Feedback Focus:
    Once again, please don’t spend your time looking into getting around spawn walls or pointing out lighting bugs; that time will come.

    Attacking and defending perspectives.

    Does it feel good to contest as a solo player?
    Is it too difficult to clear control points of enemies?

    TO Transitions
    Change in stages from 1 -> 2

    How can we smoothly transition players from the completed objective to the next objective (ideally without text on screen)?
    How can we improve forward spawn zone clarity?
    What should we do before deactivating an objective?
    what should we do before activating a new objective?

    Additional focus for this week:
    All the new abilities and changes in the build notes! Go read these, seriously.
    Exploits with team composition and abilities.

    Known Issues

    • Alchemancer main sometimes doesn’t fire the last shot
    • every character leans back at the default state
    • Blade whips overhead is very broken
    • UI Overlay can get stuck on your screen if you have the Team or Class select screens open when someone uses the admin servertravel command
    • PS_Courtyard - Spawn Walls don’t cover all of the spawn exits (side exit)
    • Alchemancer Barrage - Currently only shows a red-coloured area of effect with no visible projectiles
    • Using boulder can damage yourself as you launch the projectile

  • I find map feedback to be really quite a pain to report considering we don’t have a massive amount of active testers. During the last EU test session we barely managed to scramble together a 3v3, which quickly turned into a 3v2. And taking into account that the maps will end up being balanced around 6v6 matches there will probably not be a lot of feedback regarding them until the beta starts.
    We could most likely merge with the NA team for a couple of tests to at least get a semi-decent playerbase. Though other aspects such as reliabilty of parries, due to ping, would go straight down the drain.

  • @Xylvion It would be like a 150ms delay but still worth it, I would guess Sunday is really the only possibility of getting NA/EU maybe like 10pm Paris time, 4pm EST.

    Only worth it if people can commit to it though. I can bring two people in during the week (but only some weeks), however to be honest I just dont know if people will show up and its a little frustrating to make a huge effort only to find nobody there. I think the alpha testers need to be brutalized with medieval weapons to find out if they will show up…

    Anyway exciting the builds are coming in quickly, I’ve been swamped with work but will jump back in soon.

  • Developer

    Hi guys,

    Reithur’s working on getting time slots setup for the weekend as well as looking into what more we can do to give people incentive.

    We’ll keep you posted.

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