Suggestion: Gestures/Emotes.

  • To bring more character into the game it would be imperative to introduce several different gestures. Not only would it help build the personality, but it would be a fun way to interact with other players on the battlefield.
    A list of gestures followed by an example.

    • Warcry: Vigilist shieldbashing and shouting at the top of her longues.
    • Taunt: Tinker pulling down her eyelid while sticking her tongue out.
    • Laugh: Taurant giggling similar to that of a japanese schoolgirl.
    • Relaxed: Entropist rubbing his belly and takes a bite off of something.
    • Respect: Alchemancer bowing as if he met a royal.

    Gestures would not be used in a similar fashion to voice commands, voice commands are something you can use any time during battle by some simple keypresses, xx2 to laugh for example. While gestures would be something you probably wouldn’t use in situtations where you’re about to parry someone. Therefore they could be activated a bit differently, perhaps in a similar way to how the “Q wheel” works in battlefield, but default to C instead, because warcry. By simply tapping C you would perform a warcry, no menu would show up. If you instead hold down C, you would get a menu where you can select which type of gesture you want to use.

    alt text

    You may have that perfect scenario where you and another player fight against eachother and you manage to score a kill easier than expected, which makes you go for a taunt. Or you could have a long fight and instead you go for a respectful gesture.
    Steve keeps talking about “that perfect moment when you kill someone” regarding ragdolls. There is also the proper voice command, but what about the proper gesture?

    There should also be a way to cancel gestures, preferably by the dodges or by parrying, other situations where canceling would be top notch would include “endless” gestures, as an example: A relaxed gesture could be the alchemancer floating in the air drinking a milkshake from a straw as he reads a magazine, and it would be canceled as the user wishes. It could also bring you the ability to do a quick taunt, then dodge out of the way of the enemies attack.
    Regarding regular warcries it would aslo be nice if you could start them standing still and then start walking around, mostly considering they can be used while moving and while being idle.

    Sidenote: The gesture wheel would be great if you decide to introduce something like this. Especially from the perspective of pay4cosmetics. That way you could have different icons depending on which type of warcry you have decided to enable on the character, instead of just doing a laugh and you have the wrong one equipped which doesn’t fit at all for the situation.

  • This sounds awesome.

    First of all, when you consider hilarious moments and videos from chivalry, of knights spamming “Thank you brother!” and “Come hither!”, it becomes obvious that signature lines and gestures make the game far more enjoyable. If the characters in mirage could get an extensive treatment in this aspect, the specific characters could have their own fanbase - as these characters suddenly have a more fleshed out personality behind their looks and playstyle. This was the case in Team Fortress 2, and I don’t believe TF2 could have been nearly as successful without taking the route it had in regards to artstyle and character development. TF1 had very similar gameplay, but the characters behind the classes had zero personality. If TF1 had all of that, I bet the game would’ve been as popular as CSS 1.6 and Condition Zero were back in the day, if not more.

    Second, I want to point out that while the gesture wheel is a good idea for warcry, the standard voice commands should remain a numbered menu. The idea is that war-cry is oriented towards personality outside of combat, whereas voice commands are oriented towards in-combat reactions. If we were to introduce the wheel to the standard voice commands, we’d lose the ability to attack and turn while performing those commands. In war-cries, it matters not - as the animation itself already temporarily disables our ability to participate in the combat.

    All in all, I believe this suggestion could really be a game-changer. I definitely want to see this happen.

    A good ‘Relaxed’ gesture for the Taurant would be him crouching down, playing with two random dolls - the dolls would be miniature versions of the classes. So he’d play with mini taurant and alchemancer for example, bashing the taurant doll against the alchemancer to show his hatred towards that class.

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