Suggestion: Prince Escort (Better push objective)

  • There’s not much to say about the push objective we all know and love (Love because let’s face it, dank forest is the best classic team objective map). It was a classic back in Chivalry, and the current challenge is how to make this game mode relevant in Mirage. We have the Academy map, for example - with a gourd-type bomb that you need to push to the heart of the academy. It feels similar to the push objective in Chivalry, but it still feels lacking. My suggestion would thus blow your mind. It’ll make push objectives so much more fun.

    The main idea is to escort a prince, as seen in the title. The pushing team would be the Bashrahni Emirates, whereas the defending team would be the Azar Cabals. The objective is to lead the Bashrahni prince to safety.

    By having allies close to the Bashrahni prince, his confidence would rise and thus rush forward faster. He’d make snide remarks along the way - “Hah, this is all the Cabals have to offer?”, “Impudent fools, you dare stand against the might of the Bashrahni Emirate?!”.

    If, however, the emirate is dominated by the cabals, he’d shrink back in fear and start cowering back to the starting spot. He’d beg for his life in an arrogant manner - “Yo… You wouldn’t want to hurt me! My father would hunt you down!”, “Tch, they’re all useless! I… I didn’t know what I was saying…”

    Throughout the entire objective, the prince would have a faint shield glow around him protecting him from damage, as well as an amulet that’s glowing on his neck. This amulet is a protective treasure that could keep him safe for a limited time. When the time limit is over, the amulet would no longer protect the prince and the objective would be lost.

    There are plenty of ways to improve upon this gamemode, but I believe this would make push a thousand times more enjoyable, and definitely a lot more fitting to the lore and environment of Mirage.

    It is paramount that the prince will have a face that you’d just want to punch.

  • @MrGrumps
    I think this is a great idea that could bring a lot to the table. Not only would it be slightly different from the gourd push, it would also be a way to have the bashrani be the “attackers” in bashrani territory.
    Snide remarks from the prince himself would add to the humor of the game, bringing life to the battlefield.

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