Suggestion/feedback: Ability and "Object oriented" voice commands.

  • Ability Voice commands

    Instead of having a vague grunt while activating an ability, it would be really neat with voice commands bound to them. Especially when using abilities that deal damage and specifically regarding projectiles.
    Players will often engage in melee which deafens the vague sound while a chaos orb is being summoned or the noise of the projectile before it’s too late and they have taken damage; instead having quirky voice lines that fits well with the abilities could benefit not only everyone defending against it, but it would allow for more personality and character building for the different classes.
    A couple of examples:

    • Tinker using grappling hook “Go go gadget grapple.”
    • Alchemancer using draggable: “I’m cooking… Hard boiled eggs!”

    As per usual when it comes to voice commands it would be best with several different lines that the characters spout out to prevent it from appearing boring and overused in the long run.

    Object Oriented Voice commands.

    Examples of "Object Oriented would be when you’re on objectives. An example would be: when you’ve just finished capturing a location either your character or some other type of “generic” voice could mention that it’s been captured, ie “We’ve taken hold of a capture point;” if you lose it the voice would be something similar to “The enemy has regained a capture point.”
    It could work with other game modes as well, like push objectives, the voice could utter something similar to:

    • 25%:
      “Come on work harder we’re not even halfway there!”
      “Stop slacking off, they’re gainging un us.”
    • 50%
      “Halfway there, keep up the good work!”
      “What are you doing, stop them! Stop them!”
    • 75%
      “Almost there, just a wee bit more”
      “You incompetent fools, don’t let them reach the gates!”

    I thnik this could bring another element to the game as it gives audio feedback on objective progress and not only visual, which could alert you in situations where you find yourself doing something completely different. This would fit in perfectly fine with Gremp’s suggestion regarding Prince Escort as an alternative to bomb-gourd pushing.

  • @Xylvion said in Suggestion/feedback: Ability and "enviormental" voice commands.:

    This would fit in perfectly fine with Gremp’s suggestion regarding Prince Transporting as an alternative to bomb-gourd pushing.

    prince escort tbh

    Sounds good, however stealthier abilities like Tinker’s mines or Vypress’ phase should not have such lines.

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