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    After a few playtests I’ve noticed that it’s close to impossible to riposte against opponents if there’s two or more. Most of the time one enemy will attack, then the other, meaning you will have to parry twice, then the first one can attack again and there’s nothing you can do about it; which means you’re either stuck in parry until you die, or you have to wait until a movement ability has been cooldowned which you then can riposte to get away and maybe counter attack once or twice.

    There are a few solutions to this problem though I favour one above the other:

    • No Flinch During Riposte:
      I don’t think this is optimal, but it works better than the current system.
    • Parry During Riposte:
      A better solution, imo, than the other as you’re able to riposte at “any” time, elaborating on this below.
    • Feint to Parry During Riposte:
      This would mean you could feint to parry during your riposte but not feint to attack.

    Parry During Riposte would work great in this game, there’s projectiles flying everywhere (which probably won’t be a problem when you can reflect them with melee); you will also be able to stand a chance while fighting multiple opponents in melee. PDR would only work for melee attacks and not abilities as that would be really strange.
    I would also suggest that having a smaller parry box during riposte, making it somewhat “easier” for enemies to get around and flinch if they so wish, while also making it harder for the person riposting to actually riposte properly if they don’t have the right timing for it, for example: You riposte, but you notice that an enemy is about to hit your right side with their slash before you can hit them, you have to turn right which causes you to miss the enemy, but you manage to parry the attack with the riposte.
    The second problem would be inconcistency of clashing only while there’s a riposte, though this can be fixed either by:

    • Adding a glow to the weapon (easier way):
      This would make the riposte look different to other attacks, warning the enemy that it is actually a riposte so they have to watch out where they attack.
    • Characters pulling out a secondary (harder way):
      This would require new animations, but it would make even more sense. For example the Vigilist would raise her shield as she ripostes, keeping it up to protect herself, the Vypress would use the weapon she’s not riposting with as a means to parry incoming attacks etc.

    Overall I think the game could benefit from PDR as a new mechanic, it would make 1vX more enjoyable and more of a possibility than it currently is. While No Flinch during riposte would also be a viable option it seems silly that one type of attack can’t be flinched at all, whilst every other one can. FTP during riposte seems to be more of a waste of stamina than it is helpful as instead of being stuck in PiP you end up wasting stamina for feinting and then parrying.

    I did mention this in my general feedback thread, however I’ve come to the conclusion that separating certain topics to threads focusing on that aspect of the game, is a better decision than cramming all of it into one huge ungraspable topic.

  • Personally, I’m in favour of the Parry During Riposte.
    However, should the fellow testers and devs not approve of this, I’d love to see the feint to parry alternative implemented in a rather specific approach.

    In this approach, if you feint a riposte - you should enter a recovery phase similar to missing an attack. This would prevent you from attacking right after riposting, which would make offensively feinting a riposte not a viable option. Of course, you’d be able to parry during said recovery phase.

    The worse approach would be to only enable an FTP bind, while regular feints won’t work at all. The reason this approach is worse is you wouldn’t be able to time your FTPs as accurately as the first approach. Some attacks you have to both FTP and parry relatively late at the same time, and if you don’t allow such an action it could be ultimately abused and thus lower the skill ceiling (which I disapprove of)

  • Parry frames during riposte used to exist slightly in Chivalry, and it definitely afforded the 1 in 1vX more options in surviving the encounter. This was later removed as it was incidental (the parry frames existed for the full duration of the parry, even if a riposte was activated). Overall would be a good addition to the combat.

  • Developer

    This is actually already on though the indication hasn’t been showing at all, it works really well and we’re definitely planning to keep it.

  • I’m not sure about parry during riposte, wasn’t a big fan of it back in Chivalry b4 it got fixed but I’m up for testing it in Mirage.

  • Developer

    Splitting things into multiple topics is definitely good as well, makes a lot easier to discuss things and allows us to respond quicker.
    The main reason why I think this is important is due to the pace of the game, you have to parry more things then in chivalry which is why we’ve made parrysuccess an active parry state as well.
    Once the indication has been moved to work during riposte as well (the blue indication and more) this should hopefully be very clear.
    We want you to be able to get an advantage whole riposting but a straight up parry that in some cases can give a free hit may not be the right solution in the end.

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