Anyway to change combat to M&B style?

  • I dont like the scroll, It lags, when I press scroll up, it takes a few second and it does animation. RMB is fine. I am also used to the M&B style combat. Anyway to change it?

  • Sure, there is one way.

    Go back to m&b.

  • Just rebind attacks to other buttons. You won’t have to use the scroll. :o

  • Doesn’t he mean to set it to directional movements?

  • OP, after you play this game long enough, you will realize not only is it more skillful than Mount and Blade, but its also a lot more realistic.

    The games combat reminds me of Skyrim, but better. It’s just simply amazing. There are some glitches but the game JUST released. Most of the glitches I have found are with the bots.

    I have yet to play vs anyone online though. I think there is an issue with the servers. Either that or nobody is online right now.

    Can someone who has been following this game for longer give me some details on the multiplayer??

    Anyway I’m about to make a big review and suggestions thread. I really don’t have any suggestions for gameplay. Just game types and fluff to add more to the game.

    I don’t know if they could ever do a ranked ladder system (seems like they might be able to), but i think that would be so amazing… for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 6v6, 8v8, 12v12 and 16v16

    obviously bigger than 32 on a map would be great, but 32 is plenty as it is. especially in FFA…

    The thing about M and B is its very unrealistic. There is no stagger and the two handed weapons are way too fast in that game. In this game the 1handed are actually fast enough to be very good…

    Anyway I could go on and on, but I’m just going to keep playing some more :)

  • @-Slash-:

    Sure, there is one way.

    Go back to m&b.

    Reminded me of this: ;)

    OP: As a M&B player for years and years I do know how different the combat system feels in Chivalry. Just approach it with open mind and have patience to practice it. Soon you will be wiping the floor with the limbs of your enemies, I can promise you. 8-)

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