Where's the update

  • Am I crazy or are we due for an update? It’s now been over six months since the release in PS4 and we are still at 1.00. Don’t get me wrong I love chivalry and play it constantly, but you can not deny the need for a good update. Hitboxes, UI, and graphics could all use something. And a few more maps and weapons would be nice, there isn’t any progression once you get all weapons for your class.
    I haven’t seen much call for an update other than a reddit post pretty much saying its so in need of an update it’s not even worth the money. What’s the deal?

  • There aint gonna be no update I’m afraid, us XB1 folks have been waiting for a very long time but with no progress. TBH Torn banner isn’t even thinking about chivalry right now, they are working on mirage.

    Your best bet is to wait for chivalry 2. I found out that’s what they will work on after mirage comes out.

  • @That-Chiv-Vet i hope mirage and chiv 2 come out for xbone, i may bash chiv for how broken it is but tb has my wallet in their pocket

  • If they do, it’ll probably be another port from another company. Luckily it’ll be on a different engine and hopefully the code won’t be such shit that they can actually correct problems.

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