Vaulting feedback

  • Vaulting is quite a neat addition to the game, making it possible to move around on the Z axis as well as the other two. The mechanic will be used a lot by people on each and every map, players can vault whenever they want to without getting punished for it, they can attack and vault, parry and vault, vault when using an abilitiy etc.
    Not only is that aspect a bit strange but there’s no proper animations when someone vaults, there’s a bit of leg movement and that’s it. It works, but it looks weird. An animation would mean that the player can’t attack or parry while performing the vault action, but the transition between “levels” of the map would look smoother.

    A full on animation like this:
    alt text
    Would look good, but not be practical for some of the ledges you vault over.

    A vault like this:
    alt text
    Could work, though it’s more for vaulting over a wall and could be tricky to get the legs to line up properly.

    Something more like this:
    alt text
    Is probably the best solution, especially the last frame where the character uses the arms to push himself up and above the ledge. The leg action would be optional as the character could heave himself into the air slightly, though that feels a bit cheese and silly.

    I do believe that having an animation for vaulting would not only look better/feel more immersive, but it would also prevent people from always using it as a means to escape when faced against multiple opponents. The animation length shouldn’t last for too long, 0.2-0.5 seconds would probably be the best for it.

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