Admin muted players who "spoiled" his favorite show


    This was on Classic US Central [32P] #03

    Some players started talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. After admin “SHIV” threatened to mute anyone who “spoiled” it, I expressed concern that it was a gross miss-use of the admin privileges.

    I was then muted for saying Ramsay becomes dog food.

    This was originally posted on the game discussion forums through steam. I was essentially shouted at until the thread was closed and I was told to message TB here.

    These are my main points of contention with what was being said to me:

    You play chivalry to play chivalry. It’s not a game of thrones chat room.
    The chat log is not essential to playing the game. Literally anything said in chat is separate from playing the game. You should absolutely be restricted from certain topics and language. If you don’t appreciate the conversation topic you have to ability to ignore me and anyone else talking about it.

    You were harassing/griefing/trolling/spamming for your own amusement and to ruin it for others.
    These are broad and unclear terms that could genuinely be applied to almost anything. Equally distressing is the baseless assumption that I’m talking about it for no other reason than spite. I did not start the conversation, I joined in. There are at least 5 players you can see DISCUSSING the show and one person telling them not to. It is clearly not to ruin the show, but to share in mutual appreciation of something that will never again be as relevant and topical as it was that day.

    He told you to stop and you didn’t.
    For your own safety, avoid bridges and friends that might jump off them.

    What you and others did was morally wrong.
    A fascinating argument that I am nearly speechless to respond to.

    Have your discussion about the show with people that have already seen the episodes you’re talking about.
    I was.

    Spoilers are unquestionably negative.
    They clearly are not. Sources were cited in the original post showing a “spoiler” actually enhanced enjoyment of the material or was inconsequential. At the very least it proves that forcing people not to talk about something can take away their appreciation of it.

    This thread isn’t useful to anyone and will be closed. Stop talking because we say so. You’re hiding something in the conversation that shows why you’re wrong.
    Very little was shown because very little was said. My thread was not off-topic. It was relevant to the game. My experience was genuinely limited and anyone not interested doesn’t need to read the ONE thread I posted. This clearly shows a complete disregard of a valid opinion obviously held by more players than myself. Further, it seems like an unnecessary show of power to force a moderators personal sensibilities over everyone else.

    If you think an admin abused his/her powers you can contact Torn Banner Studios at the following link.
    Fine, I did.

    I’m not asking for repercussions on a specific admin. I feel that I’ve uncovered an endemic issue with the moderators as a whole. Either they should be told what a spoiler is definitively… or I deserve an explanation as to why I can apparently never talk about Game of Thrones while playing a game very similar in style, filled with players whose names reference the show and novels directly.

    Add “no spoilers” to the official rules or else please remind the admins it is, in fact, not a rule.

  • @CalmBurrito as you were informed on the Steam Hub, the most appropriate action is for you to contact Torn Banner via the contact link (above) with your issue.

    Our server rules are broad to encompass many forms of griefing and trolling; we have no intention of listing out specific ways to harass others.

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