TB Contact page is broken

  • In reference to http://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/24047/admin-muted-players-who-spoiled-his-favorite-show

    The contact page does not allow me to contact TB through the “appropriate” subject. I can already see how it will be disregarded as being miscategorized, if I didn’t already know that the flair at the bottom announcing, “We have few employees and will probably not respond.” meant I would once again be ignored.

    The link you and every admin keep redirecting me toward doesn’t work. If you read the language used against me by your own moderators/admins I can’t understand why you aren’t warning them to stop harassing players, too.


    Try to e-mail yourselves a complaint under the “general contact” subject. Your own advice is invalid and evidence of the complete disregard of a validly presented opinion.

    Clearly you are putting me in continually more unused or outright broken threads/contact pages to effectively solve the “problem” through obscurity.

    I am not expecting any kind of resolution. I am completely offended by the refusal to even allow me to talk about what happened. I should be ignored, not silenced.

  • @CalmBurrito I just tried our contact page and had no issues submitting. I was given an instruction to select a topic first, but then received confirmation that it had been sent.

    We have received your email. We will handle the matter internally.

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