Weekly Test Focus - June 20 - 26

  • Developer

    Hello again!

    Being week 2 on the build there aren’t much in the way of updates for you.

    This weeks focus will be on level art direction and layout design for the maps. We aren’t asking for nitty gritty bugs at this point but we would like to hear some more about what you love/hate about each map as well as some specific things we’d like you to think about while playing.

    NA Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thrus 8:30PM to 10PM EST
    +some time TBD on the weekend!

    EU Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm GMT.
    Sat 7pm-8:30 GMT.

    AUS Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm AEST.
    +some time TBD on the weekend!

    We’re setting up the server to play one game mode on each of our existing maps.

    Map List:

    Talking points for each map:


    • How do you feel about the variety of locals in our maps?
    • Whats your favorite map? Why?
    • Whats your least favorite map? Why?
    • Does each map feel unique?


    • Do you know where enemies are likely to come from (where is danger)?
    • Do you know where friendlies are likely to come from (where is safety)?
    • Do you know where you want to be in the map?
    • What can the map do better to help guide you to key locations (besides objective HUD markers)?

    Key Points

    • How does the map help you in attacking or defending objectives?
    • Have you encountered areas of the map that could be considered exploits for certain classes?
    • Have you encountered areas of the map that unfairly favor one team or the other?
    • Do even feel like you have enough space to fight?
    • Do you ever feel like the map limits your tactical options or favors a specific class?

    Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!

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