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    If you bow to someone, and they bow back, is feinting frowned upon? Would it be dishonorable to feint?

    U can run up to them and feint. But don’t start the duel at a range that u can kiss them from. That’s just messed up. Step back a few steps and let them get ready first and then u can feint all u want but when u start the duel a foot away from them and try to sucker punch like that then it’s a bit wrong imo

    Ergh gotta hate people playing like that. You’re still in the middle of a bow while a Messer b0ckswing hits your head.

    Or those salty players that show their frustration. They run up to you in a duel server, try to get some hits in against you while you’re facing away from them after having just finished your previous duel with 5% health left and if you’re lucky enough to see it coming and parry them, they’ll suddenly stop and bow to you as if that’s a normal way to start a duel. Piss off.

  • @Rickvs if you hate that youre gonna love KR I cleric, #bowtoOverhead

  • I just don’t bow. (Often, usually only for fistfights). It’s medieval warfare. How dare you free my slaves/burn my village, etc.

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