Taurant's third ability slot and Leapslam.

  • The third taurant slot should be dedicated to movement abilities. Charge and leapslam somewhat fits into that category right now, however they’re also offensive moves.
    This means that the taurant currently is able to combo three offensive abilities in a row, forcing their opponent on the defensive.

    Charge can be kept, sure, but leap slam on the other hand could be split into two attacks instead.
    Leap and Slam.
    Leap gaining some extra distance so it’s better to use for aerial adventures than charge, while also gaining some extra movability while in use.
    Slam, an AOE attack that can be used while on the ground, where the character just slams the ground, or while airbourne resulting in the character rushing straight towards the ground and the impact causes the attack to deal damage.

  • As an AOE attack, slam would be perfect in the second slot - making you choose between it and whirlwind.
    I like it.

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