Alpha Build #4 - Release Notes

  • Developer

    Build CL 54264

    This build features heavy changes to parrying through an updated parry system as well as changing up the general combat flow with less stun locks and increased cool downs for most abilities.

    Queueing issues still exist but we now know why it’s happening and how to approach it, we’ll be tackling this over the coming weeks and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

    Alchemancer is quite powerful this build and we’re making the appropriate changes already, we’ve been testing a lot of things with him recently and the next build should feature a more representative version.
    Entropist is quite weak and while we are happy with a lot of his abilities we’ll be reworking him a fair bit for the next build and making sure his attacks live up to their full potential.

    As always this is brief look at mostly gameplay changes


    • Trainingground
      • DW like map where you can test out abilities and let off steam by slaughtering puny alchemancers
      • will be expanded on much further in the future
      • can be opened from the mainmenu, other people can join your trainingground as well
    • Added weapon alternatives and tweaked all weapon lengths
      • each melee class has 2 weapon alternatives, proper UI to select them coming next build
    • New parry box and tracer changes to help get around parries
      • This is a pretty big change and should help a lot, definitely looking for feedback on this
    • Movement speed tweaks, slightly faster base movement speed
    • Reduced recharge reduction and removed stamina gained on picking up player essences
    • Increased active parry window from 0.4 to 0.425
    • Reduced health regen
    • Lots of animation updates
    • Updates to all maps and gamemodes


    • Added Disruption to alchemancer - oil pot like ability
    • Added Rage to Taurant- temporary damage resist and damage boost ability
    • Added alch parry back in with kick on overhead
    • Added boom box ability to vigilist - deals damage around an object for 10s
    • added Held Shield ability to vigilist - hold a shield infront of you that covers you and your teammates, blocking incoming attacks
    • Added Prison ability to Taurant - encloses a space in front of the Taurant that enemies cannot enter or leave
    • Added SpawnRock aftertouch that lifts it up before slamming it down into the ground
    • Added bubble projectile, suspends the target in the air for 4s while also making the target invulnerable
    • Added projectile cleanser ability - clears projectiles and spawns a bubble that prevents projectiles from going through it
    • Added vypress kick to replace pincer
      • currently not very useful and will be adjusted to be comparable to her other options

    Ability changes

    • Reworked leapslam AOE, now applies infront of the Taurant and knocks down targets right in front of him while knocking targets away in a larger aoe
    • Reworked disperse to only deal damage close to the vigilist and knock any other targets away without dealing damage
    • Changed explosive punch movement limitations and range
    • updated camera limitations on whirlwind to allow aiming during release
    • Reworked cooldown times for all abilities
      • many big abilities have larger cool downs
      • we want to limit the amount of powerful abilities that go off a long with allowing you to customize your playstyle more with short and long cooldown options
    • Removed forward dodge on dervish and tweaked its movement

    Ability tweaks

    • reduced entropist melee damage
    • increased backflip distance
    • removed ability to cancel shove and shieldbash
    • tweaked phase and pounce movement
    • Entropist grenades now bounce back if they hit someone right away (bugged, this happens at much longer ranges then intended)
    • enabled big blast and grenade explosions to trigger on ally hits
    • healing blast is now an overtime heal
    • reworked movement limitation and lunges on shieldbash and shove
    • disable movement during melee knockbacks
    • reduced back jumps
    • dervish tweaks
    • increased shuriken damage

    Combat logic

    • improved cancel to parry flow with held input
    • added functionality to allow comboing out of parry recovery (does not apply to parry)
    • tweaked lockout in interrupt
    • removed slow when blocked
    • reduced knockdown duration


    • added alch parry particle
    • added world hit particle on melee
    • setup new system to handle weapon glow and enabled it on melee based abilities

    Bug fixes

    • fixed wall jump bug that prevented future wall jumps from being possible
    • fixed battlecries not removing their control effects when interrupted
    • Fixed some projectiles hitting yourself on spawn
    • fixed backbending being offset
    • fixed spawn rock scaling
    • fixed some particles staying on after the person who applied them died

    Listen servers

    • fixed damage FX playing when hitting bots
    • Fixed aftertouch ui not showing
    • Fixed Phoenix not being draggable

    Known bugs

    • no worldhits for melee on most objects
    • back/side jumps sometimes don’t work and instead result in jittery movement for a brief moment

    Ability notes

    • Held shield
      • this is an ability that we don’t have much hope for, it currently has issues blocking certain things but those can be fixed if we decide to keep it. You’re feedback will help determine if this is worth spending more time on or not
    • Boom box
      • will be removed and no further work planned on it right now
    • Prison
      • not very effective and quite noisy in its current state but we will be revising it more, any thoughts on this as a concept would be useful

    What we’re working on for upcoming builds

    • Starting to work on the main menu UI
    • Updates to all in-game ui elements including the loadout screen
    • Reworking the entropist Q abilities a long with several new abilities for every slot
    • Finalizing alchemancers main attack set
    • Reworking alchemancers disruption
    • Getting alchemancers piercing strike and seeker ability ready for testing
    • Making vypress’ kick a more viable option + general improvements
    • Reworking vypress’ melee animations
    • Filling out the remaining ability slots
    • Reworking Taurants prison to a more effective and less abuseable ability

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