Will there be LTS? Also, news of beta?

  • Firstly, will there be LTS in MIrage? Iseriously hope so, as that was the only mode i played on, exclusively for 1,600 on Chivalry. Nothing compares in my opinion, and a lot of others.

    Seconly, devs said beta is cxoming late spring early summer, but we’re almsot into June yet- has there been any word on when it will be released, or the requirements to participate? I really hope my experience and love for the game will be considered and my opinion valued in the beta process :3

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    Yeah… about that…
    They changed it to late summer, so I’m expecting it to come out mid fall. Or maybe in the winter if there are unexpected delays.

    There’s probably going to be LTS. They said there’s going to be a bunch of gamemodes, and LTS is pretty standard.

  • If I had to guess, July or maybe August for beta.

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