Problem with uploading items to workshop (Make sure you got a valid connection to Steam)

  • Hello,

    I’m very into Chivalry Medival Warfare, so I decide to try make a workshop item. I think I did everything exactly the same by following official weapon tutorial. But at the and I get an error in SDK:
    Error uploading file. Make sure you got a valid connection to Steam.


    I worked with Blender & Photoshop. I made WEP_ and SM_ version of my model amd I created 4 texture maps in required resolutions. Then I imported everything to Editor. Next I set material correctly. I have not encountered any problems then. I saved my package to .upk and tried to upload. And there is my problem :(

    I’m sure that I’m choosing proper prewiev and .udk files. Steam is running in online mode. Could anyone help me fix that error?

  • Steam is in the middle of the Summer Sale, so connections to it have been difficult to maintain.

    You can;

    • Retry uploading to the Workshop
    • Restarting Steam
    • Waiting until off-hours

  • @Reithur
    Thanks for answer, but I tried upload a weapon last week (17th or smth), so it was long before SSS. In those days I restarted steam few times and I did Verify Integrity of Chivalry. So there isn’t problem with Steam. Maybe with my upk.

  • Try changing the name of your workshop pic, I usually add a number at the end when I get that error and it fixes itself.

  • I tried everything. I change preview name, add some numers too. I add my upk to zip archive. I don’t know what else I can do. There isn’t any problem with pic. It goes smoothly every time.

    Uploading workshop item always fails at uploading .upk. Should it be cooked like maps?

  • OK. After several attempts it’s working now!
    My solution was increase numbers in .upk name every time when uploading fails.
    Thank you for all your help.

  • I have the same error
    Waiting for Steam task to finish. Error uploading preview file. Make sure you got a valid connection to Steam.
    I changed everything from the name map and pictures to change the text file in the root of the game

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