Feedback regarding the "Held Shield" ability.

  • Seems like a valid alternative to Irone Dome.

    There are however a few changes that could be made for it to become a bit more interesting.

    • Drain less stamina than regular parries.
    • Actually Block melee attacks with the ethereal effect.
    • Allow jumping.
    • A bar showing how much damage the shield can absorb until it breaks.

    Right now melee attacks only get blocked if they hit the physical shield/regular parrybox, would be neat if the parrybox extended across the ethereal blockade.

    Another thing that would be worth testing would be to have the shield act as a wall so people can’t walk through it.

    It may seem stronger than the iron dome with the additional effects of also blockading melee, however, you can’t attack while using held shield. and the Iron dome could have a slight radius increase if it proves to be a worse choice.

    Sidenote: The possibility to hold the Vigilist parry itself is silly and it should be a regular parry similar to that of the other classes. This ability would be what a vigilist would use instead.

  • Developer

    good points all around, will be leaving this ability for a little bit but you can expect to most of this in the future.

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