Feedback regarding footwork.

  • To start this off I’ll point out a couple of issues/bugs in the current build:

    • Every class has the same walk and run speed.
    • You strafe faster left/right than you walk forwards and backwards. (understandable if it’s something temporary due to no chase mech).
      Left/right=264 . Forwards/backwards=240.

    Footwork is important in melee games as it’s something you can practice to survive against multiple opponents. And there are some major issues with it in Mirage atm.

    There’s no real difference in strafe left/right, backpedal, and walking speed (Except for the fact that you strafe to the sides faster in this build).
    I would suggest having a higher velocity when propelling forwards than either strafing or backpedaling. If we stay somewhat true to the Chivalry percentage differences (roughly) between walking, strafing, backpedaling, sprint start, sprint full; while keeping the regular walk speed to 240 is it currently seems to be in game we would get something like:

    • Walking: 240 -------------(x1)
    • Backpedaling: 192 ------(x0.8)
    • Strafing: 204 -------------(x0.85)
    • Sprint Start: 312 --------(x1.3)
    • Sprint Full: 396 ----------(x1.65)

    There’s also the major problems involving sprinting.
    When you sprint, and let go of the key, your character more or less “stops.” It doesn’t stop per say, but when you go from the speed of 445->240 suddenly there’s a massive difference, considering you’re almost at half the speed. Not only does it feel wonky, but it looks wonky in third person too, it looks like your character is ready to fly forwards, yet it doesn’t.
    I think it would be worth testing it with a smoother transaction between running and walking, instead of suddenly doing the massive jump between 445->240 it could have about a 1 second transition time. That is unless you stop running completely.

    If you run, jump and land, you go into strafe mode for a short while before going back into min sprint and working your way up to max speed. I posted this as a bug report though:

    When you run and attack, you keep up going at max speed, in chivalry you were slowed down as you attacked, yet now you can run at the speed of 445 while flailing around and not losing any speed what so ever.

    Edit: A couple of reasons as to why the 445->240 speed drop feels very clunky could be due to the fact that the drop is so massive compared to how it is in chiv. Another that the animations while you go from sprinting->walking don’t add up, the walk and run animations in chivalry really match with one another and there’s really no major difference in torso or leg movement between the two which makes it look natural.

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