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  • Melee attacks are the most important aspect of this game and currently they fall flat in Mirage. Partly because of weird footwork, but also due to animations being a bit over-enthusiastic

    Brief Overview

    Overheads are quite iffy at the moment, they travel in a somewhat straight line, rather than in a slightly curved arc. This results in them being harder to hit with and it also renders overhead drags somewhat useless as the enemy can just walk away from the attack.
    The worst overhead right now is probably the Tinkers:
    The Vypress’ overhead also decides to go straight down after a while, which looks silly:
    The Vigilist has the best tracers by far, though her animations look quite stale and uptight:
    On the chivalry one handers there’s also the tiny flick at the end:

    The undercuts Have a better tracer span/width of attack than the overheads. Though I’m really not a fan of having every alternative overhead to be an undercut and I think that the game would be better off with them completely eradicated. (Or as a separate attack on another key)
    If you guys think that they’re absolutely necessary, it would be better to have all regular overheads to go from right->left and not the way it’s done for the Vigilist or Vypress where it goes from left->right.

    The slashes are alright, though some of them look really stale and boring. The Vigilist in particular, her whole posture is like that of a statue, then suddenly she flicks her arm slightly, where’s the torso movement at? There’s not really any power behind it, gief more shoulder action!.
    The Entropist has the best looking slash tracer in the game atm for his alternative slash:
    It starts out in a higher position and descends over time as it reaches the end of the swing arc. All classes somewhat have it, though it’s not as apparent for some of them, which makes it look stale and plastic.

    Can’t really say much about the stabs atm, but they do seem fine. Except for the problem they share with overheads, they’re quite hard to hit. Though I think that comes down to footspeed more than the actual animations and tracers of the weapon.

    The no-backswing mechanic has made it so you can’t hit with the end of the swings arc as it’s “behind” you. In my opinion this is really silly, why would the release last that long if I can’t hit anything during that time either way? It deserves some extra attention so attacks are actually valid after a certain point of time during release.

    Leg movement while attacking without moving… just why? It looks quite bad, just keep my legs in the idle stance and move the torso around instead, the leg movement is really strange and frankly makes no sense at all. (I assume it may be something leftover from the time when every attack lunged).

    A bit of a rant.

    In Chivalry it doesn’t matter if I play Archer, Man at Arms, Vanguard, or Knight, my legs will move the same way, whichever weapon I decide to use, they all walk the same way, they all run the same way.
    There is no difference if I use a one handed sword as either of the classes, my torso movement will be the same for whichever class I play, if I use a 2handed sword as either class, the animations will be the same, a 2handed axe, a spear, a polearm; I know that the animations will be the same for each class. This helps with consistency it makes the game less gimmicky and far more enjoyable to play. There’s no need to adapt to different movements, remembering that your leg points out half a meter in front of the character, or that your arms are wide enough to take off as if you were a flying horse (Vypress).
    In my opinion Simplicity>Gimmick for First Person Melee games, especially when it comes to actual gameplay.

    The one major inconsistency in chivalry that you’ve decided to bring into Mirage is the fact that third person and first person view models are different. It looks silly when your character doesn’t animate the same way in first person as it animates in third person. Is there a specific reason for them not being the same? With them being the same, you’d actually know exactly where your character’s arms are positioned at any given time. Also… Who decided on the brilliant idea for the tinker cover half the screen with her weapon?

  • This has actually been bugging me for quite some time, good thread.

    I guess the overheads were made straighter due to the underhand attack being an alt overhead?
    I mean, for the same reason, the polearm tracers in chivalry have the straightest overhead tracers by far.

    I mained the halberd, so I ended up getting used to these straight tracers - and by the end I could use it as well as other players used the overheads on other weapons. But when I switched from maining the halberd to maining the longsword, I understood immediately how the longsword’s animations are far more reliable than the polarm animations. In fact, for that same reason, I prefer to never use the billhook purely because the attack is too fast for me to correct the overhead accurately enough. The halberd is slower and thus stabler in that regard.

    In short, let’s do away with the straight overhead and bring back the diagonal ones, please.

  • Forgot to post a video, though it has more to do with the parrybox’ width than with tracers.

  • Developer

    Hi Xylvion

    Thanks for the detail feed back, they are very helpful keep them coming! We will look at this points closely as we polish.

    The 1p and 3p animation been different has always been a choice of wanting to have the best animation for both perspective. For chivalry we did try to just have one set of animation early on, but it was very limiting and stiff, does not capture what we what want to capture with the combat without sacrificing how it looks in one of the perspectives. What looks good in 3P doesn’t always look good in 1P, and what looks good in 1P doesn’t look good in 3P, so we made a comprise to have a balance between game play and visual. There are other games that only use one set of animation for both perspective for sure but we always find them to be stiff and lack of emotion or have too much camera movement that makes some players motion sick.

    There is always room to improve on the current system for sure, and we will do our best to improve it before game is launched with your help.


  • @Richard
    Would it be possible to have an option to select which viewmodel you want in first person though?

    The commands to show the different meshes are there, though they don’t seem to do anything in the current build. It would be nice to have the option at least!

    @CrustaceanSoup said in Console commands, command line arguments:

    • ShowFirstPersonMesh
    • ShowThirdPersonMesh
    • ShowBothMeshes

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