Noobs are superior beings

  • I have a hard time fighting noobs compared to skilled players. Anyone else? With their random fighting patterns, and RT hit trades. Maybe the skilled players are actually noobs, maybe we are lesser beings…We could probably learn from them. The hit trades, the spamming, the sheild using. Give me an answer damnit.

  • @Zemen i agree to an extent, a pure unaltered, never seen the light of chiv noob will generally spam rt through all my fancy spins and crap

  • Then i get the old “gg scrub” msg and next match the noob isnt alive longer than 5 seconds each respawn, dont worry though my balls keep the body warm

  • @Somervillage I play as MAA so every hit they land is devastating, because mostly it seems all noobs I come across are vanguards.(aka vanscrubs) and assuming you’re a knight that uses a messer this probably isn’t that bad for you since you can 2-shot them. But you should almost never do fancy moves unless you know they will hit. Cause if you miss they will give you a good RT spammin’.

  • Tbh wish I was a newb again. The game was so much more fun when I had no idea how the mechanics worked or what I was even doing. Newbs are superior beings in that they are the only people that know how to have fun in this game anymore :’(

    I can only play this game with my clan now. If I wasn’t in a clan I would probably stop playing the game. Idk if everyone else had this problem but after I got semi-decent at the game I began to see how BS some of the games mechanics were and then I realized that 50% of my deaths were from hit trades or from a parry that I put up but the game doesn’t register because of the godawful connection I get and the limitations of the Shitbox- one. The other half of my deaths are from people that legitimately did better than me and won fair and square without BS.

    I’m constantly complaining because I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years now and I know when and when I didn’t parry something correctly, so naturally when I know I parried something and the game is just like “nah u didn’t , try again m8” I blow up in anger sometimes. I especially get mad when someone gambles one of my swings and I get traded to death.

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