My rank has gone from 9 to 0.

  • username gibby95 on steam
    I had unlocked all the long swords and everything i joined today to find myself rank 0 with all weapons locked at 999 kills to unlock which is weird.
    Then i joined a different server and i started at rank 5 the more kills i got the lower rank i become so now my level is rank 2.
    When it should be rank 9 if not 10 by now.

    Can something be done to fix this problem as Ive worked hard to get to level 9 and get the unlocks thanks ryan. :k1:

  • Same error here. Lost level from 17 to 19 and about 120 kills.

  • My steam username is maiser821. Is this an official bug? Because there is not sense to play while you are going to lose all the experience(for me). I like to unlock weapons, and to lose them is not really funny. I unblocked crossbow and bow(i hated using crossbow, only last one was good) to lose it all in a moment. Fuck……

  • A hotfix is coming soon that should hopefully address this and other issues.

  • Good to hear Goat, I would like my rank put back to
    (x + 1)^2 = 2x^2 + x + 1

    where x=75

    and kills to be given back to me should be somewhere around

  • same problem here!
    Steam ID: maverickAG
    please help me out

  • Ive already asked about restoring your ranks it cannot be done and its just something your going to live with and re earn it back, But until the hotfix it wont be possible so its catch 22

  • OMG, now my ranking has turned from 17 to 0 and i lost all my weapons. It should be oficially a beta……

  • I really hope that fix repairs the ranks because if tt doesnt alot of users are going to be annoyed to hell , the people who have worked hard for there rank will be bitterly dissapointed

  • If you are resetting to 0, restart the game and it should correct itself back to your normal rank.

    If you are losing unlocks, a fix for this is coming.

  • No sir, restarted and i am rank 0 again. Seriously, this is not fair, there is a big difference between weapon tiers( in ranged even more), and depending on luck to level up or having them is not ok. I seriously think this is a primary issue, and it should be considered beta. (Like if some people could only be naked while you weared heavy armor). I think that when this kind of issues are solved, ranks and weapons should be reseted for all so we all have an equal beginning. Starting again after the fix with other players having all weapons isn´t fair for day 1 customers……

  • What about me though i did that and my rank got pushed down to 5 then 4 then 3 then 2
    instead of going up my rank is actually going down.

  • steam id: y01sienkor
    had all unlocks for primary weapons except archery and 1h sword this is unbelievably stupid… had to spend 5h reunlocking 2h swords…

  • I had the same thing happen to me at around rank 7, 8 or maybe even 9. Lol, I was paying much more attention to weapon unlocks myself.

    Anyway I should mention this happened around the time that I had a BSOD crash while playing. But, none of you seem to have any sort of crash, so maybe it’s just coincidental.

  • :king: - Right Forum admins im stuck at rank 0 and have being for a while now after joining various servers and attempting a few hot-fixes im stuck at rank 0 and it wont budge

    Weapon unlocks have started again but ive got enough kills to unlock some of them but it sucks being stuck at level 0 makes me look terrible can you guys offer me a solution thanks?

  • i had unlocked so many weapons and now they are gone and i can’t even unlock my weapons again!!!

  • me too cant unlock any more weapons!!

  • add some maps enad new weaps too with the fix ;) thnx

  • So the hotfix has been applied on the game but im still stuck at the wrong level so now what? 8-)

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