I think 12 vs 12 is more fun than 6 vs 6

  • I like mirage but 6 vs 6 is not good in this gamestyle.
    chivalrys attraction is crazy insane dogfight with 20-64 players.
    Also, some people said that it looks like overwatch.
    Remimd about TF2. Not overwatch. It can be more fun than chivalry.

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    Everyone says everything looks like Overwatch these days when you just have a 6v6 with some abilities. While funny enough Overwatch has a lot of elements from other games, you see such things a lot, but they always forget that a game is a lot of times years in development so no one could possibly know there was an other game being made with similarities at the same time. If you look to Overwatch it’s pretty much a MOBA with TF2 mixed together.

  • @Mskittyiana except people don’t say everything is overwatch, except for the games that are copying overwatch. and Mirage is similar to overwatch in pretty much all aspects, down to UI design.

  • @Its-Just-Milk We have no intention of “copying” anyone and are following our own design goals. To find out more about our goals and influences with Mirage, you can check out our Dev blogs and videos.

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    Who cares what it is or is not copying. Is it going to be limited to 6v6? What about ranked?

  • Developer

    6v6 is what we’re building the most optimal experience around but custom servers won’t be restricted to it.
    With everything that we’re building a long with the pace of the game 6v6 makes the most sense right now but this isn’t a hard limit. Chiv was not built for 32 players yet it can be really fun so who knows what will happen, it’s too early for us to tell right now.

    Ranked play is something we are super excited about, we’re currently not planning to launch with a Ranked mode but we’ll be looking at it.
    It takes some time for balance to settle in a long with figuring out what format makes the most sense and a lot of testing.
    All of this is something we need the communities help with, class limits, map formats, class switching, loadout switching and many more questions need to be solved and we’ll need community input to figure it all out which is why this is something we’ll look into post-launch.

    Regardless of a ranked mode setting up scrims and such will be much easier as you just spin up a server when you need one and we hope to do many more things to support competitive play.

  • On the Overwatch forums, people complain that they just ripped off TF2.

    I used to complain about the Quake mod being better than TF2.

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