Archer Class

  • I know you meant good intentions putting the archer class in the game, but in it’s current form it is a completely useless class. I just got done playing the archer after playing vanguard for a fairly long period, and I can now see why it was so easy for me to kill ranged before. First, the chase bonus makes running away completely useless. Ranged don’t have a melee weapon with distance, so fighting becomes just a tedious dance of death.

    On top of this, if an archer shoots at someone charging at us, unless they get a head shot they WILL keep charging. I’ve had vanguards knights and even man at arms sometimes just rush me straight on as an archer, and once they get to me I really can’t do anything but parry their swings and hope to stab them SEVERAL times in the back.

    My suggestions are:

    Make them slow down or at least “flinch” when they get hit by arrows.
    If you get shot in the feet multiple times, it should slow you down.It isn’t rocket science. This wouldn’t take long to implement with the current code setup.
    Speed arrows up a bit and reduce the white trail that leaves the arrow by 50-80%.
    Do NOT modify arrow damage if you do any/all of the above adjustments. Arrow damage is fine.

    tldr; either fix the class or remove it, as it’s pretty much an insult to have that class in the game. You might as well give me rocks and call me a peasant.

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