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  • Im sure you all have heard of mordhau one way or another, its a pc game that basically is everything that chivalry isnt. Please check it out if you have no idea what it is about… but anyways the point of this post is that i want you guys to communicate and maybe after a bit of time (when they have the funds to do stuff) they can port it to a ps4 or xbone on steroids. A lot of people however think that this would not do so well on console so i encourage you guys to politely go on the forums and go an tell the devs that you would like to see it on your console at somepoint. (the devs actually listen)

  • @coledeawesome im sure us 5 strong will convince them

  • @coledeawesome tbh the control scheme seems too in depth to bring over to the one or ps4, it looks very focused on its combat to every last detail and i admire that, lets hope this mythical chivalry 2 will be like that

  • I’ve already seen the devs confirm that at present they simply don’t have the resources to port it over at the moment, although mechanically it’s more than doable.

    Game looks awesome though. From what I’ve heard a lot of the devs are former chivalry players who have put a lot of time and thought into patching TB’s mistakes.

  • @Chudder sounds like awesomeness, hope they do, heard that the old run away tactic and ballerina warfare is non existent

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