No skill.

  • What has happened? I came back to xbone to see how its going and to play with a few friends, but while doing this I have noticed that something has changed. The skill has devolved amongst the high levels (of what I’ve seen so far) everyone just seems to hit trade and gamble. Basically everyone is playing like they just started the game, I thought I would see improvements but instead I got disappointment. Is hit trading and gambling the new thing? Is that what skill is considered now? If so this is very sad.

  • @Zemen You just have not fought the skilled high lvls. The high lvl pub stars all fight the way you are describing.

  • Panda. Ask jef or I for a long sword duel then. We try and keep the scrubby shit out of the equation.

    And yeah the amount of g0mbling is insane. No one has the discipline to wait and parry the incoming attack.

    Logic of hit trading: If me and another guy are staring at each other, we both have VERY sharp knives that cut through skin like butter. I swing my dagger at his dick, he doesn’t care to try and block it so he just g0mbles irl. I continue my swing because it’s to late to FTP, he is a fuckboi scrublord so he doesn’t even know what a FTP or CFTP is let alone performing one so that we don’t hit trade. Long story short I cut his dick off with my knife, but instead of partying he kept swinging and he cut my dick off shortly after I hit him. LIKE WTF MANN Y U NO PARRY! Fucking hit trading caveman.

    Don’t get me wrong there is a such thing as a strategic hit trade… if you have full health and your opponent is one hit away from death and he is being overly aggressive then punish him for it with Smith cheeky hit trade, it’s his fault for attacking out of turn and he rightfully paid for it. But just don’t be a cheeky cunt and g0mble every one of your opponents swings, that’s just steeeeeeeeeupid. When you hit trade every swing like that then the fight gets stupidly pointless because it is almost a 50/50 Win every time due to the fact that the end result is who could g0mble faster… NOT who had more skill.

    90% of comp players live behind this illusion even though the only reason they go 1:1 with other comp players is because they force the other player to have to g0mble for last hit and it makes the fight into "whoever can g0mble faster wins, which is 0 skill.

    If you are one of these g0mble srubs… fuck you m8. YA cheeky bastard

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight where are they?

  • @AK I thought you were in Carolina or something and idk jefs gamertag.

  • @Zemen said in No skill.:

    @AK I thought you were in Carolina or something and idk jefs gamertag.

    I am in South Carolina atm…

    Jets gt is Sir Faintsalot

    I won’t be back for another week. He is fun when he doesn’t fight like a nub… just tell him u don’t want to fight with gambles and pull out a longsword

  • @AK ah mk thx.

  • The game just went on sale, a ton of new people to shoot/chop down

  • @Monsieur-Twiggs PACHIMARI

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