|ĶأĻă| Killers in Lethal Alliance Initiate Training Classes

  • |ĶأĻă| Killers in Lethal Alliance Initiate Training Classes

    |ĶأĻă| Killers in Lethal Alliance Training Classes - prep for Comp
    |ĶأĻă| is offering Wednesday night Begininer training classes on the |ĶأĻă| ThunderDome server. We will be teaching basics of fight mechanics, Weapons, advanced fight mechanics, tricks and map strategies and tactics. This is all designed for the beginner Chivalry Player ranked 16-50 who want to increase their skills, learn combat techniques, better understanding of weapons, Map knowledge - tactics and strategies as well as teaching noncompetitive players all about MERCs Mod (competitive balanced mod).

    Over time you will learn the basics and as the weeks progress, more in depth training will be available as well as individual training on the various weapons. While we don’t have an official training schedule as of yet, that is forth coming. This is introductory training for advancement to competitive level of play.

    • Rank 16-50+
    • TeamSpeak 3 installed. (prefer that you have a mic as it is faster than typing)
    • North American players only
    • No pings above 150 on our server
    • Join the |ĶأĻă| P.U.G. and Training Group – PUGs and Training schedule will be posted here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KilaPUGTG

    • Please be on time – Player slots fill fast (only 24) currently the server will be open but if we get full classes then we may lock down the server and passwords will be given out on the day of lessons
    • Patience and the ability to follow instructions as some sessions will be detailed
    • No horsing around as time is limited

    When / Where:
    • When: Wednesday Nights 8pm CST – 11pm CST
    • Server Name: |ĶأĻă| Thunderdome-MERCS-Twitch.tv/sirretsnom
    • Server Address: kila.game.nfoservers.com:6000
    • Game: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    • Mod: MERCs
    • TeamSpeak Address: kilas.enjinvoice.com (maybe locked down with password as well)
    • Location: Chicago

    When we have a full schedule of class sessions and topics lined out soon and you will be able to choose which ones you want to attend. Some will include; Archer training, Archer Melee, Basic Combat, Advanced Combat, Polearm training, individual map training, basic competitive scrimmage setup and play, server admin commands and much more.

    |ĶأĻă| members will be volunteering to teach the different classes as well as special guest teachers from other clans. Schedules will be posted as soon as it is available.

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