Announcing |ĶأĻă|I| or Kila Initiative Tag

  • Also announcing |ĶأĻă|I| or Kila Initiative Tag - is a open tag for those interested in moving beyond playing in pubs and into more organized play. For those interested, By joining the training group you will get special privileges:

    • join the open group:
    • Slap on the |ĶأĻă|I| in front of your name and friend up all |ĶأĻă| members.
    This will allow you to test out being in a clan without actually joining and you are free to remove tag at any time.
    • Get info on scheduled training nights.
    • Access to |ĶأĻă| members and requests for additional training
    • Exposure to the competitive scene phase 3
    • Invites to practices and P.U.Gs (organized competitive Pick Up Games)
    • Opportunity to recruit and earn a place as an actual |ĶأĻă| member
    • Make great friends and a place to play that you can call home.
    • Opportunity to be clan ready for new and upcoming game titles, Mirage, Mordhau, Chiv2

  • You people are in every duelyard I come by lmao.

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