Alpha Build #5 - Release Notes

  • Developer

    Build: Alpha_Testing CL 54909

    Pretty small update for gameplay this week, as always theres a ton of other things being updated and this is only the gameplay changes.


    • Adjusted movement/sprint speeds and various other properties
    • removed vigilist held parry
    • Fixed memory leak that was making the game unplayable after a few matches
    • Death cam tweaks and WIP madness
      ○ Experimenting with some first perosn death cam possibilities, this build is not very pleasant however as the very first pass was just put in
    • Fixed jump desync issues
    • Fixed melee attacks not colliding with the environment
    • 3rd person camera collision improvements
    • made grenade launcher into a non-stance ability
    • reworked kicks knockback
    • fixed dropbomb not activating on world hit
    • reduced movementspeed while levitating
    • added alch forcepush option to pop up in the air if used while looking down
    • updated prison/barrier visuals to be less noisy
    • added spawn barrier to alchemancer
    • moved prison back to taurant
    • added held shield back in
    • added Spawnbarrier with active parry state to entropist & Alchemancer
    • bouldertoss balance changes
    • reduced shove damage
    • proximity mine changes, is now placed through a thrown projectile, automatically adjusts its location to prevent it being placed inside walls and/or in the air - WIP
    • Bashrahnni Taurant VOs! (currently cloned to both teams)
    • Azar Tinker VOs!

    Minor changes

    • increased bubble projectile speed
    • fixed healgrenade cooldown bug
    • adjusted parry box to prevent feet hits, made it slightly wider as well
    • pawn rock now adjusts its location to the ground beneath it
    • fixed death explosion playing obnoxious amounts of damage Fx
    • reduced entropist weapon lengths
    • tweaked backflip anim timings
    • 54744 bubble now stops any active action on hit
    • 54755 heatseek tweaks
    • made SpawnRocks aftertouch only active once it has hit the ground if spawned in the air
    • tweaked shove abilities
    • tweaked carpet movement
    • tweaked chaos orbs trajectory
    • fixed prison t-pose
    • increased shove, shieldbash and kick cooldowns

    Known issues

    • 1st Person Death Cam;
      • Can see the inside of your character’s head (will definitely be fixed in future build)
      • Sometimes causes post-death spectator cam to stay “sideways”
    • Ragdolls are very energetic
    • Vypress snake effect sometimes get stuck on
    • Some minor art/lighting issues
    • TO_Bazaar; spawn wall between stage 1 and 2 is stickey

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