Development Update - Road to PAX West

  • Developer

    Hi Folks!

    Our next development milestone is PAX West in early September. We’ll be working towards polishing up aspects of the game we’re aiming to have playable on the floor at PAX.

    The plan is to have all implementation work done by mid August, followed by two weeks of solid testing and bug fixing.

    PAX West Goals:

    • All Classes available to play, with 2 tiers of abilities
    • TO_Bazaar will be cut into a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Maps, art, collision and game mode pacing polish work
    • Some other TBD game mode map will be select and polished
    • Animation improvements
    • Lots of audio updates, VO
    • In-Game UI polish
    • Performance improvements

    We’ll continue to give you specific weekly testing focus’ and bi-weekly build updates and are of course continually seeking your feedback on the tweaks and features we’re putting. In addition we’ll be updating this thread with progress updates on what we’re working on internally.

    Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!