Weekly Test Focus - July 7 - 13

  • Developer

    Hello hello,

    New build new test focus!
    Development Goals:
    Build notes:

    This week, we’d like some intense testing on TO_bazaar and feedback on Waterwheel. As per build notes, there are a bunch of tweaks and we’d like to hear your feedback on them as well.

    Test times are unchanged. If these really aren’t working let us know.
    NA Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thrus 8:30PM to 10PM EST
    +some time TBD on the weekend!

    EU Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm GMT.
    Sat 7pm-8:30 GMT.

    AUS Weekly Test Times
    Tues, Thurs 6pm-10pm AEST.
    +some time TBD on the weekend!

    Map List:

    TO_Bazaar Test Focus:

    • Vault/Collision bugs
    • Anywhere you can get out of the world and not die
    • Anything you can get on top of that could be considered an exploit
    • Spawn wall and team spawn bugs
    • Any feedback on pacing, balance, spawn points, scoring
    • Is anything not clear or confusing

    Waterwheel Test Focus:

    • Game mode specific feedback, how to they play out
    • Any vault or collision bug

    General Questions:

    • What’s your favourite character class?
    • What’s your least favourite character class?
    • What’s your favourite ability?
    • What’s your least favourite ability?

    Open Questions:

    • What’s fun and what’s not?
    • Thoughts on the game balance?
    • Anything not clear enough or confusing?
    • If you could change only one thing in Mirage, what that would be?

    As always, thanks for the help!

  • Developer

    NOTE: We’ve set it up so that the server will re-launch automatically if there’s a crash. just give it a couple minutes and try to re-join.