Remote server admin and Organized play support

  • One of the most frustrating things about Chivalry is not having simplified in game server admin and remote admin controls, the annoying hassle of having to log in every map change as admin, annoying and long admin command typing in console, not being able to lock down a server without rebooting the server and on and on.

    Will you finally create and adminlist ini were we can add admins via steam ID that the game recognizes them as admin?

    Will you create on screen admin menus in game? For example and admin hits a key to bring up an admin menu , player controls, change map, lock server and the like, then there would be sub buttons so under player controls would be, kick player, ban/unban player, change team, punish player. Change map would bring up other buttons like, Extend map - mins, restart map, change map - maplist and so on.

    Will you create a remote admin program that is simplified and functions properly so that we can monitor the server like being in it with chat abilities, player stats and info?

    Finally will there be Clan/Organized play support? In Chivalry TBS missed huge opportunities early on by not creating any type of official comp play or organization with leagues, ladder play, tournaments.

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    Support. Mirage needs features like this. UI is pretty important, and I think Chiv’s can be improved upon.

  • Developer

    I can’t say what it’s gonna look like right now but the feedback here is really useful and will be taken into consideration as we get to the final implementation for it.
    If there any other thoughts around features here we’d love to hear them.

    For the competitive scene, if it shows potential and there is interest we will support it and we’ll aim to do so as early as possible, waiting too long is something we’ll do our best to avoid.
    On launch Mirage should be a much better game to develop a scene around then Chiv is now feature wise.
    I’m very interested and hopeful in having a competitive scene develop so I hope we can live up to it.

  • I will try and put together a more comprehensive admin control panel with as many buttons and controls as I can remember that made AOC administration work so well. Granted I also had source mod capabilities and access which really assisted remote admin. I would also have you look into the Original Chiv RCON tool and the most recent Chiv Admin RCON tool as both have positive and negative aspects about it.

  • @Retsnom
    Help yourself. Here is the source:

  • Okay, I’m really willing to support once again a better RCON tool for mirage, but please add some simple features to the protocol:

    1.Send the FULL server current status of the players(K/D/Assists/TK (kills AND total damage), either on connect, preferably have a specific command. This was the cause of a lot of my frustration while developing the old RCON tool

    2.Send the correct map that is being currently played, and the next one, add commands to change current and next map.

    3.Full map list on server, not only those on the current rotation, add an Index on the rotation if the map is currently on it.

    1. Make an option of full verbosity (Similar to what you get on console with the verbose option on console today on chivalry) remotely, so detailed statistics could be gathered and shown on a web site. And on that point, don’t name different skins as different weapons like it’s today (Ex: NorseSword NorseSword_Variant)

    2. Add an option to send a command directly to the server, like pause or unpause or something along that line, this could help a lot the extensibility so new features that would be available via console would be available instantly on the tool also.

    6.Maybe an extra verbose option of sending damage updates, so as soon as someone is hit you get the info.

    7.Use a different method of encoding the data, maybe using protobufs, would help a ton.

    8.Set the visible player slots, so reserved slots are a possibility that doesn’t interfere too badly the player experience.

    9.Implement the say_big and maybe another type of communication so you could tell apart Admin/Server announcements.

    I think that’s about it.

  • …or simply allow protocol mods without cutting xp.

  • I want to but due to some server problem, I cannot connect to the remote server so please help me to fix the problem.

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