New Clan <KOR>

  • @Xylo 40 people but how many will show up is the question

  • LOL HE ADDED BCBUDD AND BCBUDD ISNT EVEN IN IT. Also, “super elite?” Elite compared to a soccer team of 8 year old girls? Maybe. Literally just threw out irrelevant and random names. 95% of which don’t know what the hell they’re doing besides RT and back slashing. This isn’t a clan. It’s a chemotherapy group for players you’re turning into cancer. 40 players. Nice. Half fun with overly laggy lobbies and a party y’all can’t even fit in to.


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  • @bcbuddy said in New Clan <KOR>:

    @King-Roffledude said in New Clan <KOR>:

    19.) jessomaticz
    20.) bcbudd1

    LOL you sly devil slipping those in! I feel so violated but it still cracked me up. I’ll be there…in spirit!

    Long live thy cult of douchebaggery.

  • Roffle, how the hell do you achieve of having NEGATIVE 20 reputation?

  • Banned

    He is a liar and a shit disturber, the backlash he received from said lies resulted in many forum users down voting every post he made were he boasted and told fallacies about he skill level and dueling conquests.

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  • @LordRoffleSalad the game is on sale that’s the only reason you have anyone…

    I’d bet if you ever hold a real practice no one would show

    Also your credibility when it comes to saying who is in your clan is tarnished so I think we would all like to see the people you say recruit to say they are actually in your clan

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  • @LordRoffleSalad said in New Clan <KOR>:

    Latest recruits are BulletFiber , Man Of Chivalry , GraciousRhino I just got them today . Man of chiv has been a friend since 360.

    Enjoy your growth spurt but beware, for recruiting just anyone will cause harm. Inner-clan beefs can demolish a clan quicker than hit trading messers.

    Only recruit the peeps you trust to show up, perform their best, and more importantly, be loyal.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE PICKED UP BULLETFIBER AND CLAIMS HIS CLAN ISNT CANCEROUS. Haha go ahead and get yanniblaze while you’re at it xD please do go ahead and start clan wars:) the scent of my knight’s balls will gladly be upon bullet’s face after I’m done with him.

  • @KIYIS you screaming at your phone bud calm down, stalking this thread like a hawk dont you have clans to betray or something?

  • @Somervillage Ooh someone is still upset about losing a lot of players. Hey remember that thread you made about people getting butt hurt in chivalry and how it’s just a game? Funny. I remember that.
    Unfortunately, I will not be “betraying” this clan I’m in (made up of primarily players that left your clan) for another. Sorry to burst your bubble.
    But thanks for your concern on me yelling at my phone. Got a little too excited at the thought of making Bulletfiber rage quit yet another lobby after completely embarrassing him.

  • @KIYIS i read about 5 words before i gave up, someone doesnt understand sarcasm, i was joking btw we have about 12 players that are all better than ya lol

  • Apologies if theres more than 12 in the clan lol dont care to count

  • @Somervillage I know you’re the practical jokester of chiv and all, but you should probably stay away from the sarcasm. Obviously wasn’t in good taste. And hey I have no reason to hate on your clan. Would definitely be down for a scrimmage or war sometime soon and see what happens

  • @KIYIS solve some crimes with those detective skills bud, i aint got nothing against u aside from the fact i dont like ya and never have lol but alas a snorlax is in the area…ciao

  • @Somervillage “never liked ya” but cried, whined, and pouted like a bitch when I left and helped Mogzi convince Nacho and Freeza to leave your clan too. Cute. Also gets butt hurt when sinz won’t kick me from the party. You can quit the “tough guy” act now.

  • @KIYIS never had a tough guy act though? And nacho wasnt in my clan at all and freeza still subs when i need him hes chillin, didnt cry when you left either lol it was like a leaf falling from a tree, no big deal theres plenty to replace it next season

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