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  • Hail all :)

    If i may… could someone kindly guide me through the process of setting up a MOTD window upon logging in to our multiplay server? We own a Maltese classic duel server which has been up a good few years now and is populated daily. We would like to add a MOTD to state the rules prior to joining, however im failing at getting it to work. thus far i hhave this in my UDKgame.ini


    i added a simple html with basic text in it just to test (you can copy paste it to confirm), however nothing happens.

    multiplay support has confirmed they support MOTD, even though i read on these forums someone saying multiplay does not.

    Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated as i have not managed to find any substantial info online.

    What i am after is a simple blue bordered window with some text within… like on the official TO servers.

    Thanks again and gday to all,


  • Are you sure that is the correct section? [Engine.GameReplicationInfo]
    Because in my PCServer-UDKGame.ini its default in section [AOC.AOCGame]

  • @RdK Nice of you to check that out for me boss :) I guess i can try. im unsure about anytin at this stage… just put together stuff from scraps of info i find here n there :/

  • I know what you mean. :-/
    Pls let me know if it works.

  • @RdK DUDE! it worked thankyou so much! im alllmost there ^^ motd ‘blue square’ appeared… though the inside is black and the test text i placed i s there too but invisible as yet. think i need to add some html background or summin? Any more tips you got for me? :) THANKYOU! a step in the right direction x

  • I dont know how complex the content can be.
    I think it uses the steam browser, but iam not quite sure.
    I think this because i tried to use this in the past to paste a link to the ts3, so you could join in one click, but steam dont accept links like that - for a good reason.

    If you dont know anything about html css search some easy tutorials on youtube or use Website Designer / / joomla / wordpress / …
    But I think you should be fine with some tutorials because you shouldnt make the embedded website to complex.

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    You simply need to create a picture and have it on imgur etc etc which you have achieved, it is a picture that has been uploaded, so disregard and concerns you have regarding “content and HTML”.

    the only thing you need to have spot on with is the size (840x757). This cannot be changed and you will have black borders and parts of the picture missing if you protrude the borders.

    You can make a Blue screen with text at the correct size in paint and upload it to imgur. no issues


  • Thank you so much gentlemen. I finally managed to put it all together with both your help :) Moved the code to the correct position… created a basic html and uploaded a bg image to seamlessly blend with the provided border. Many thanks! Feel free to hop over to THO Malta classic duel server and spar a little with us ;) haha, good day and good game! /bow

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