Feedback regarding shuriken

  • The shuriken feels like it’s been slowed down this last patch, not only in travel velocity, but also in time between throws, which is great. It was always a bit too fast as you had to consecutively parry them without taking your eyes off of them.

    While this may still be a bit of a problem still and perhaps having two shurikens would be a better idea all over, that’s not really what this thread is about. The name and appearance of the weapon makes no sense. Shuriken? That’s a japanese weapon, not something that you would probably find in the persian or arabic world.
    After some digging I found an Indian throwing weapon, which is far more likely to have been used in the area. It’s called a Chakram, while a smaller version is called a chakri - also commonly worn around the wrist - With this you could actually visualize if the enemy vypress has any throwing weapons available, by having them appear more like bracelets around her right hand wrist.
    Dude wearing Chakri around his wrists, and a Chakram at his waist:
    alt text

    There seems to be a few different types of the Chakram:

    alt text

    The one on the left can be split in two and looks to be easier to use in melee, while the one on the right is just a full circle.

    Even though this game doesn’t follow any strict rules, the chakri/chakram would fit in far better than the shurikens do.

  • Developer

    Done! Excellent ref images too

  • So happy with this, great call, I LOVE CHAKRAMS!

  • @Stanzwar Who doesn’t?

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