Chivalry Community Brabble #15

  • Once upon a midsummer Brabble! This time: A variety of videos, custom Lego, epic screenshots, and Kung Fu Feydrid!

    A special announcement from the Melee Gaming Association

    MGA presents Sunset at Midnight: A Charity Farewell to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    12:00AM - 11:59PM, August 19th, 2016
    24 hours of events in NA, Europe and Australia
    Charitable contributions given to Child’s Play
    Info coming soon at /r/chiv and!

    Comprehensive Guide to Chivalry
    Happy Gloom has produced an introductory guide to Chivalry to assist our new players in learning the game

    Mason Army of Legomen via Rafael

    Chivalrous Dubstep!
    A music video from Carlnin

    Mason Eagle
    The Mason’s reach extends to the real world! Artwork via Strawberry Fields

    4 Brothers
    Brothers of Agatha! Incredible artwork found by Ice Copper

    Crossover Art

    These submissions for the Terraria and Chivalry Crossover didn’t make the finals, but they’re still epic!

    Artwork by Bito my Mito

    Artwork by Jahn#11451

    Artwork by Sir Galahad the pure

    Chivalry meets…Subnautica?!
    An aquatic warrior by Sir Galahad the pure

    Horde Mode? Giant Slayers?
    Either way, we love it! Artwork posted on Steam by 餓者髑髏, artwork created by @mr_werewolf_art

    Chivalry Bingo!
    How many of these can you find in your Chivalry matches? Bingo by /u/MasterofDuck on reddit.

    A beautiful screenshot by Soul

    King Fury!
    King Feydrid takes matters into his own hands…and feet! Artwork by $upeBuB

    Share with us!

    Do you have some artwork, montages, blooper reels or epic screenshots to share? Send them our way!

    How to share:

    Steam Community
    Community Content thread on the Torn Banner forum
    Chivalry or Torn Banner on Twitter
    Chivalry or Torn Banner on Facebook

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  • @Reithur those artworks are nice!

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